Ecuador suffers a goal in discounts and loses, to Uruguay, third place in the table | Football | sports

A deconcentration in the discount minutes allowed Gastón Pereiro to score the only goal of the commitment.

Ecuador suffered a goal in the discounts by Uruguay (1-0) and lost the third place in the South American standings to Qatar World Cup 2022, which he held from date 3, in favor of his rival on duty.

Gastón Pereiro (minute 90 + 2) he scored the only goal last night at the Campeón del Siglo stadium, in Montevideo, in a game valid for matchday 10 of the World Cup.

The first half hour was very poor in emotions both in the feet of the Ecuadorians, without exits, and the Uruguayans, without clarity in the last section of the court. No shot on goal was recorded nor was there any suffering on either side.

Just at minute 29 there was a shock when a mid-height center from Pervis Estupiñán deflected into a Uruguayan defender and passed near the goal of Fernando Muslera. La Celeste stepped on the accelerator before halftime, but did not pass a shoe from Brian Rodríguez that Pedro Ortiz blocked, although the play was canceled for offside.

The complement showed another beginning tonic. Gonzalo Plata had the clearest opportunity when he got together with Michael Estrada and finished crossed but without aim (minute 47). Uruguay answered with a shot from Federico Valverde that cleared the crossbar after Ortiz was passed (52).

La Tri cheered up and tried from outside the area with a safe shot from Fernando Gaibor (58 min). Then, a center to the left halfway up Estupiñán required José María Giménez to go to extremes to deflect (65), when Estrada was waiting to connect. Silver, meanwhile, began to be the victim of harsh entries by the celestial, every time the visit went forward.

At 86 minutes, the Uruguayans celebrated a score by Matías Vecino, but the goal action was canceled for offside (VAR review) and the shot into the nets did not change the score.

But Celeste’s goal finally reached the second minute of addition (90 + 2) with a header from Gastón Pereiro that, without marking, dislodged Ortiz after a cross from the right by Nández.

Ecuador was left with 13 points in nine games (date 5 is pending), while Uruguay reached 15. The South American World Cup will resume in October. (D)