Do they go into rebellion? Colombians would travel despite the ‘no’ of their leagues

In recent days, the leagues of England, Spain, Italy and Portugal, restricted the departure of the players summoned to the triple date of South American qualifying, affecting the different teams, including Colombia. The presence of seven key chips in Reinaldo Rueda’s squad was in doubt, however, some players would have made the decision to travel despite the penalties that this could entail.

Hours after it became known that the Argentine players, who are active in the aforementioned European leagues, had entered into rebellion against the refusal to be transferred to their national teams, it was known that the men of Colombia selection they would also be packing suitcases.

The journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez said on Twitter that only two would be in doubt. They are Dávinson Sánchez and Yerry Mina, who play for Tottenham and Everton, respectively. “At this time the players cited by the Colombian National Team, who play in Portugal and Italy will come. The two from England are in doubt … unless, defying the restrictions, they take revenge,” the communicator trilled in the last hours.

As stated by Vélez, the Colombian National Team could count on David Ospina, Luis Muriel and Juan Cuadrado, who will have action this weekend with Naples, Atalanta and Juventus in Italy, in addition to the men from Porto, Matheus Uribe and Luis Díaz. What is not known is whether they agreed with their clubs or also rebelled.

And it is that on the afternoon of this Friday, ESPN Argentina reported that the players of the ‘Albiceleste’: Emiliano ‘Dibujos’ Martínez, Emiliano Buendía, Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian ‘Cuti’ Romero, the last two companions of Dávinson, would travel this weekend to join the concentration. All this in the knowledge of possible sanctions and fines from their clubs, and of assuming 10 days of isolation after their return to Europe.