Disciplinary Commission imposes notice of veto to América for incidents during the game against Pumas

The clashes between fans and the invasion of the field by a person, part of the reasons for the notice of veto to America. Both clubs will also pay a fine

The Aztec stadium received a veto notice, after the field invasion that took place in the match between the America and PumasIn addition, both clubs were fined for the confrontation between the animation groups of each team, which was registered inside the building. There is no reference to a penalty for the entry of an amateur with a firearm.

“The Disciplinary Commission informs that, derived from the events presented in the match America vs. National University, corresponding to Day 12 of the # GritaMéxico A21 Liga MX Tournament, economic fines are imposed on both clubs and a notice of veto to Club América”, The commission reported in a statement.

During the game between America and Pumas, a fan entered the field, to try to hug and greet the players, so that led to a veto notice for the Stadium Aztec.

“The veto notice It is derived from the invasion of the court by 1 person during the game, a situation that could put the integrity and health of players and members of the Technical Corps at risk. Furthermore, taking into account the current health contingency, said invasion represents a flagrant violation of health protocols ”.

Both clubs were financially sanctioned, but there is no reference to the fan who entered the match with a weapon. Aztec stadium. In a video circulating on social media, a follower of the Cougars he presumes that he is carrying a weapon in one of the boxes in the compound and assures that he is going to “kill Americanists.”

“The financial fines to both clubs are a consequence of the bad behavior of their animation groups.”

Until now, neither the authorities of the Aztec stadium, the clubs, the FMF or the MX League have given some position on the fan who entered with a weapon and it is not known whether the local team, America you will receive a penalty for that event.