Diego Lainez is shocked by Manuel Pellegrini’s statements in Betis

While Diego Lainez waits to be part of the call-up with Real Betis due to his injury, Manuel Pellegrini left him in shock with his statements at a press conference.

The return of Diego Lainez to the Real Betis calls will have to wait for it to be completed because he did not manage to recover from his sprained ankle, although he did give him time to witness the conference of his coach Manuel Pellegrini.

The engineer made it clear on several occasions that the former America will once again be taken into account by him after his physical situation improves and his ankle does not present a danger to his physical integrity.

However, in his latest press conference, the former Manchester City manager surprised pursuit fans with shocking statements when comparing Europa League and Champions League competitions.

“The Europa League is more difficult than the Champions League, not because of the level of the teams, since the Champions are the best, but because in UEFA you arrive in Spain on Friday at three or four in the morning when you play visiting “Pellegrini began when referring to the situation that the Spanish team will face in international competition.

“Due to different circumstances, we are going to have to play on Sundays, since Monday is the FIFA date after the games against Villarreal and Sevilla. The Europa League is exciting, but make no mistake, the most important game is against Granada. The League should not be neglected due to international competition, which are also treacherous, like all cups. A setback in the second round, in the quarterfinals and what we have done before does not work. We will try to carry it with the greatest maturity and for now, focused on Granada ” said the Chilean before the microphones of the journalists.

The match against Granada will be on Monday for the fourth day of La Liga, waiting for the Spanish team to get the first victory in the new edition of the Spanish championship that will not have the presence of Lainez and that of Guarded will be a doubt.