Did they make ‘the little bed’ for Torres Servin? This says the Municipal management:

The Reds will announce their new technical director in the next few hours

GUATEMALA CITY — Since the draw against Sports Achuapa at the Trebol Stadium, for matchday 13 of the 2022 Opening Tournament, the leadership of Municipal CSD began to have doubts about the continuity of the Mexican coach Juan Antonio Torres Servin.

This Monday, after losing to Old GFC 1-0 at Trebol, the board of directors made the decision to drop him. “These are decisions that you don’t want to make, especially at this point in the tournament. There are two aspects that must be emphasized: one is that the departure of Torres Servín and Diego -the assistant- hurts, due to their professionalism and the type of people they are, and the other raw part is the results, there unfortunately our percentage it is low in relation to obtaining points and the decisions go through there”, he affirms Selvyn Ponciano, manager of the red institution.

“Not all the responsibility lies with the coach, I also think there are players who do not maintain a level. That doesn’t balance things out well, poor returns have been seen. For example, the game on Sunday, not scoring well or not finishing well, are things that do not go through the coach, they are decisions made by the player and affect decisions as he is. In the end it is a general responsibility”.

But, the thread always breaks at the thinnest. “The only time that I remember that it was different was when I had the opportunity to debut. Ernesto Villa said ’10 experienced players leave and young people come in’, hence I haven’t seen a case like it. It is on a global level that he cuts himself to the slimmest. You have to be sensible and you can’t create chaos in this part of the tournament”.

Ponciano considers that, despite the performance of some soccer players, the famous ‘little bed’ against the Mexican coach did not exist. “I have never shared that criteria. Those are set phrases, already very hackneyed in football that players bring out technicians, because the one who exposes himself the most is the player when doing that kind of thing.

“I think it doesn’t happen anymore. Simply, sometimes, there are players who accommodate, who do not understand where they stand. I think it doesn’t happen. There are things that are not corrected and that is a shared responsibility”.

The red leader considers that Municipal has a large squad, a team with quality to fight for the title. “They have to stand up for the club and for themselves.” He hopes that in the next few hours Municipal will confirm its new strategist, while he anticipates that the game will be rescheduled against malacateco, next weekend, for Guatemala’s game against Qatar.

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Did they make ‘the little bed’ for Torres Servin? This says the Municipal management: