Denil Maldonado tells everything: His absence in the call, his talk with Coito and his future with Everton – Diez – Diario Deportivo

The Honduras national team The first triple date did not close in the best way FIFA and now he will have to avoid a new setback that complicates our way in the qualifying rounds by Qatar World Cup 2022.

One of the great absentees in this first call was the defender Denil Maldonado, who militates in the Everton of Chile, who in conversation with Ten reveals the reasons why he was unable to be present.

The Catracho defender also did not waste the moment to confess the situation he lives in his club and the future that awaits him in the coming months, since his file belongs to Motagua, he is on loan with el Pachuca and on loan to Everton.

How has Chile’s adaptation to soccer gone?

It is a very similar football to the Honduran, which happens that the playing fields are very different, I have tried to adapt quickly in the matches and thank God I am adding minutes in this Chilean football.

Denil Maldonado during one of his games with Everton de Chile.

How has it cost you?

At first the communion with the companions, one tries to adapt quickly to them, to gain confidence, the idea and how they move. Already in the matches it is the rhythm of the game.

How much difference between Chilean football and ours?

He is very fast, the courts change the meaning of the game, they are very technical in that regard.

How do you assess your process at Everton?

Thank God I have been given the minutes, the teacher has given me confidence in some games and I try to respond to the maximum in the minutes he gives me. I have made good participations, but unfortunately the results have not been given. We are going little by little and I am acquiring the minutes and being within the ownership.

Did the arrival of Roberto Sensini benefit you?

One as a player tries to adapt to the idea of ​​the coach, so one is the one who adapts, he is very calm, he gives you confidence and I feel comfortable with him.

Footballistically, how much have you evolved?

I have gained a lot of experience since I went to Pachuca, I came here and that has helped me to improve little by little. I think I have matured a lot from when I was in Motagua.

Was the best decision to leave Pachuca?

I could say yes and no. Obviously I was not adding minutes because there was a very rigid competition in Pachuca and I was given the opportunity to come here, where I have added minutes, but on the other hand, not, since the level is very different and in that aspect one can take it as bad , but I think it was the best decision to come here to gain experience and then return to Mexican soccer.

Has Roberto Sensini helped you in this process?

Quite a bit, the teacher was a World Cup player, he has experience because he played central and has helped me. He tries to correct me in various aspects and it suits me well.

Have you been impressed by something about soccer in Chile?

No. There are no surprises, they are good players, each one has their conditions and at the moment I have not had to experience any surprise that is different from European football.

In December your loan expires, what is your future?

That will be decided in these months in what situation we remain with Pachuca, if the purchase is made and hope the best of God or see what other options we have later.

Have you had that contact with the people of Pachuca?

My representative has the rapprochement, he handles the administrative and at the moment it is going well, but we have to wait these months to see what follows.

Does the decision to stay in Pachuca go through Motagua or you?

It happens more through Pachuca, since it is their decision if they are going to buy me, I only have to work and then they take the purchase option.

Are there other options abroad?

At the moment there is nothing certain, but nothing concrete.

Do you want to continue in Mexico, MLS or make the leap to Europe?

One always dreams of Europe, but obviously we are going step by step. I want to return to Mexican football, the truth is a dynamic, physical football and, God willing, then make the leap to Europe.

Would returning to Honduras be a setback?

It is handled that if one returns it is like going from shoe to shoe, but if I return to Honduran football it is to show myself again, give everything in the games and have the option of going out to foreign football.


Were you surprised by the non-call to the Selection?

No, I had already had the conversation with the teacher about why he was not going to call me. In an interview here in Chile I said the reasons, I was calm and wait if the next date the call is given us and go to represent the H with all my heart.

What were the reasons?

It was the issue of the Canadian visa, in that aspect I had to leave before the FIFA dates and the team did not let me go and that is why I could not be in the call. That started on the 30th and I had to present myself at the embassy on the 25th and in that regard I couldn’t go before.

Was it true then that the equipment did not want to loan?

Yes, in that aspect I was grabbing more minutes and that was what gave me an advantage to be with the team, adding minutes because a center-back was injured and I had the opportunity to play. That benefited me, I have been gaining maturity and confidence.

Did the quarantine issue matter?

For one aspect it affected, since in the quarantine one goes locked up, they do not let him do anything and one loses in the physical, muscle mass, but this is to get in shape and wait for the call.

How did you experience the National Team matches?

I couldn’t see it from the beginning because I was in the middle of the game, but I was aware of how the results were going. We had the illusion that in that game against the United States we could get that result that benefited us. It was a very good first half, but unfortunately it wasn’t like that throughout the game. One suffers being from here, but the next date is coming and we have to get this boat afloat.

What game did you not see and were you surprised by that win?

It was the game against Canada, I couldn’t see it in full. That unexpected 4-1 is surprising because in the first half they did not create any goal situation.

After the game, people asked for the exit of Coito, do you think it was the best?

As a Honduran, you always want to see results in the moment, but you don’t have to go crazy even though you have to get the results at home. I think you have to provide that confidence, the teacher has had those qualities. We are in a tie and we must have immediate results, but we must shelter the teacher who has a lot of pressure. We are going to do our best to get the results to have that chance to qualify for the World Cup.

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When these types of results occur, who is the culprit, players or coach?

I think 50 and 50, the teacher is the one who sent the warriors to the field and one commands inside. One must show the best and he from the outside can see what can be improved and makes changes. You have to be calm, it is not easy, but God willing the results are given.

Denil Maldonado during his training sessions with Everton de Chile.

Have you talked to Coito or colleagues after these games?

No, I was able to have contact, only with Pereira who I was talking to. Not with the coaching staff at the moment.

How is your availability for these next FIFA dates?

I’m working well and God can first go to represent the H in the best way if they summon me and put the name of Honduras.

How do you rate the three rivals that we are going to face?

It can be said that Costa Rica is not at its best, on the table it is the same as us and at home we must give ourselves respect. It won’t be easy because of the kind of players and a nice game. The visit to Mexico will be very difficult, they are leading the table, it will be very close and we will try to do our best. Against Jamaica you have to give a blow of authority and get the three points at home.

How many points must be achieved in these three games?

You always have to think positive and you can say nine points, but in games it is something else. You try to win outside or inside the home.

Can you dream of a new Aztecazo?

Of course, in the field of play we are 11 against 11, we should not be afraid of the rival, so we must be at the height and caution to face this type of game and show what we are made of.

Do you think that by winning both games at home we set the course straight?

It is true that we expected other results and these are step by step, you have to see the results and see the mathematics to add in the table.

Ready to pair with Maynor or Pereira?

I feel comfortable with any center, be it Pereira or whoever it is. I always try to be in harmony and synchronize the movements.

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Can Alex’s absence affect?

That affected, he is a technical and high-quality player, but the teammates who were there were good and they tried not to clash in his position. If necessary because of his technique because he manages the team.

Have you shared with Andy and Danilo Acosta on defense?

With Danilo Acosta I was able to share some calls, with Najar not, but God willing that in these if you can.

What message do you send to the fans?

That they are calm, that they trust the teacher, the support of the people is unconditional and one feels bad when people turn around in the games. You never want to screw it up in games, they are number 12 that give you breath, so don’t be suspicious that we are going to get this boat afloat.