Daniel Angelici responded to Riquelme: he denounced mismanagement by the Soccer Council and assured that Tevez left because he did not feel content in Boca

Daniel Angelici, former president of Boca Juniors (Photo by JUAN MABROMATA / AFP)
Daniel Angelici, former president of Boca Juniors (Photo by JUAN MABROMATA / AFP)

After explosive statements by Juan Román Riquelme from last week, it was the turn of Daniel Angelici’s answer, the former president of Boca Juniors. The Tano aimed at the idol xeneize and accused him of mismanagement in the Council of Football, both in dealing with footballers and when it comes to the economic management and clothing of the club. “He is not qualified to be vice president”, Angelici assured, who also denounced that all negotiations go through the former footballer’s representative, Daniel Bolotnicoff.

In an interview with Toti Pasman for the Soccer Show for him America Channel, Angelici also assured that the departure of Carlos Tevez was provoked by the current leadership of Boca. “Carlitos did not feel content or loved by the club”, express. What’s more, He announced that he will set up a political bloc that competes in the elections of the club in 2023 and that he sees Apache as a potential candidate for a position on the Board of Directors.


Riquelme’s complaint to his economic management:

“I would have liked the president or some manager to speak who understands economics and finances or knows what a balance sheet is. Riquelme can talk about football and knows a lot, but making him talk about the club’s economy does not seem to me May I be very happy ”.

“You could ask your Daniel (for Bolotnicoff, his representative) who uses it for everything, to review Boca’s historical balances. My management was the most successful in all history of the club. Ours was the best, without a doubt ”.

“It is true that the Libertadores was not given to us and the partner voted for a change. He went to vote for RiquelmeThat’s why I’m not surprised or worried that he runs the club. What I do not think it is that I think because I do not understand and you have to prepare. I do not see Riquelme prepared to be vice president. It’s difficult when ex-players speak to understand what a balance means ”.

(@ La12tuittera)
(@ La12tuittera)

“The representatives tell you that to bring an offer they have to talk to Daniel Bolotnicoff and that does worry me because it has to be part of the club’s leadership job. That is what the five or six representatives with whom I have come across told me. I was expecting the audit and it never showed up. They have made criminal complaints and I am waiting for them to continue. I am calm, I was a president who did not use the car or the club card even though he could do it ”.

“Everyone knows that there is a president who is not present and that the Football Council manages the club, especially the property that was so criticized. They tell me that the clothes arrive and bags come out. The trunk full of bags of clothes that enters and the members of the Council take away. I don’t know if they steal it, give it to them or take it away, but the clothes that come in are partly money that Adidas gives you. The clothes are silver ”.

The barbecue he shared with Riquelme:

“He asked for something that neither José Beraldi nor I accepted. I called him to congratulate him and he never attended me, not even in the transition. That’s not normal”.

His return to the Bombonera and if he is sorry about something:

“I don’t know because they blocked my audience that I paid for 20 years ago. This last year I could not renew it and I cannot speak to anyone. This is rare driving. I do self-criticism because one learns more from defeats than from victories ”.

The departure of Carlos Tevez:

“He left because he felt neither content nor loved by the club, beyond that the blow of Segundo (his father) was very big and affected him a lot. But he didn’t feel content either. He had neither the affinity nor the empathy. He didn’t talk much either. He trained and went home, he never stayed to eat after training. That is not normal in a club ”.

“When you do not feel comfortable, more with a problem, The club has to come closer, but there was no leader to accompany him to the wake or funeral and neither does anyone from the Football Council. To the human being that must touch him ”.

Carlos Tevez press conference - June 4, 2021 - Alberto J. Armando Stadium - La Bombonera - Photo: Javier Garcia Martino - Photogamma
Carlos Tevez press conference – June 4, 2021 – Alberto J. Armando Stadium – La Bombonera – Photo: Javier Garcia Martino – Photogamma

The final of the Libertadores at the Bernabéu against River:

“I don’t know if it ruined life, I believe that on June 26, 2011 that is something that cannot happen to any great, like Boca or River. It’s soccer. I can lose a final and we will have a lot of chances of a final rematch ”.

D’Onofrio’s attitude after the pepper spray classic:

“He did something that screwed up all the Boca fan, and me too. I would never have entered because it is not appropriate for a leader to enter a soccer field whatever happens, because there are authorities for something. He entered through the visiting locker room where I have no access to prohibit him from entering. They are different ways of being, neither better nor worse. I have a way of being very frontal and sincere, that’s why many times I crash ”.

Politics in Boca:

We are going to love a front to compete with the ruling party in 2023. We will bring the best proposal. We will put together a list of people known to the opposition unit. You have to bring the best leaders in 2023 to give a different proposal to the partner ”.

“Mauricio (Macri) for me was the best president in the history of Boca, along with Armando, for the number of titles he won. But if you grab the balance of the entire history of Boca the best economic, financial and patrimonial management from the club it was ours, better than Macri’s ”.

“I see Tevez with the intention of being president and that he is going to get involved in the political life of the club because she loves him and has a lot to contribute. It would be good if he is always at the club contributing all his experience to help on a board of directors. It would be very good for the club ”.