Dani Alves offered himself to Barça, which rules out his return

BARCELONA – Barcelona is not considering the option of signing Dani alves, who offered to return to the team but is not taken into account, warned ESPN Digital a source from the Barça club. The 38-year-old Brazilian full-back left Sao Paulo on September 16 after two years at the club and, as he stated in an interview with the Sport newspaper, maintains his intention to remain active, but it will not be at the club with him. which collected 26 titles between 2008 and 2016.

Alves, moreover, will not be able to sign for any club until the winter market because when the last transfer window closed, he still belonged to Sao Paulo and the FIFA regulations specify that in this case a player cannot be registered until the opening of the next period of the transfer market.

“If Barça thinks they need me, they just have to call me … I can contribute anywhere, but more at Barça because of the number of young people they have now,” explained the footballer in the interview, opening the door to a possible return five years after his departure, in 2016, when, he specified, he left hurt by the treatment he received from the Bartomeu board, denouncing that he felt “used” a year after winning the Treble.

According to information from TV3, Alves himself, who maintains an excellent relationship with Joan Laporta since he signed him from Sevilla in 2008, spoke with different leaders of the Barça club, probing the option of returning to the team and warning that there would be no no economic problem in it, but this return is not contemplated from the entity.