“Dance now!”: What’s behind Lionel Messi’s unexpected anger with Yerry Mina

Messi’s reaction on penalties against Colombia

Lionel messi live the penalty shootout with passion against Colombia. Exultant, he is seen with the same internal energy that has been dragging him from Rosario when he was still so small in stature that the technicians were hesitant to put it on. Executions happen one by one from both sides. Shout, celebrate, cheer. He is stripped of the pressures of always having a lens on his reactions. He does not care, or at least the emotion of the moment wins over his conscience and he stops measuring his gestures as he usually does so as not to feed speculations, theories or virals. Suddenly it explodes: “Dance now!”.

Insist over and over again, as the opposing kicker walks back into formation. The captain’s exacerbated shouts are surprising because they break with his usual conciliatory tone, the one he uses to escape the sounds of controversy. But the astonishment is even greater when it is verified that their screams are directed at the defender Yerry Mina, its former teammate at Barcelona during the 2017/18 season.

Hypotheses are skyrocketing around the world. One after the other. Hundreds of television reports trying to understand. The explanations are not conclusive, but different lines of research remain on the table. There is one thing that is clear: his reaction seems to be rather the product of a moment of football effusiveness in the middle of a penalty shootout full of nervousness and anxiety. The Argentine captain is immersed in the swing of emotions that the purest football generates, away from this meticulous analysis that all the world’s media will do. He is once again that little guy from Rosario who loves to win.

Mina’s penalty against Uruguay

Later, the roots of this exultant Messi seem to disintegrate into different areas. The most solid look is focused on what happened in the quarterfinal duel. Colombia beat Uruguay on penalties, the selection of your close friend Luis Suarez. Mina also executed a penalty, but this time she did not miss. After scoring, the 26-year-old footballer who today plays for Everton in England had quite an excessive celebration, but not far from their usual ways of celebrating. I know he sucked his finger looking at the camera and danced inside the area before returning to his teammates.

As to feed this theory, Luis Suarez he signed the post to Messi of Instagram where he celebrated the pass to the final of the Copa América and just left a message that could easily be related to this situation: Good kid. Congratulations. Now yes (dance emojis) “, signed with several laughing emojis and also a person dancing. By then, Messi’s reactions had already gone viral.

Suárez's message to Messi after qualifying
Suárez’s message to Messi after qualifying

The central marker already had had a similar problem during the Copa América 2019, when he scored a penalty from the shootout against chili and danced for a few seconds. Gary Medel, who was in the middle of the field with his teammates, also waited for him out of sheer insult. At the end of the duel, the triumph of The Red unleashed a new taunt against Mina: Erick Pulgar looked for the camera and imitated the defender’s dance coffee grower.

Against Argentina, Mina kicked and missed. Messi’s explosion against his former teammate at Barcelona had a second chapter in the locker room with him suggestive dance of the Draw Martinez before the cameras of the other footballers albicelestes. That celebration was quite similar to Mina’s recurring way of celebrating …

Another detail to highlight, by no means minor, was the violent mark exercised by Colombian players on Messi throughout the game. They reached such a point that Frank Fabra left a bloody ankle and it generated several ailments that the captain albiceleste exhibited in different situations. The anger accumulated for him moment of penalties he was already quite tall.

Mina’s penalty against Chile and the penalty goal he scored with Barcelona

While many media speculated that Leo stopped following Mina on Instagram immediately after the game, the scene of anger with the Colombian could rather be framed in this typical dance that he performed on several occasions in his career and that exasperated rivals on different occasions. The captain, dominated by the euphoria of the moment, did not forget that his former partner usually celebrates penalties like this. Even in his first goal at Barcelona, ​​during a penalty shootout against Espanyol for the Catalan Super Cup, he scored, danced and had to explain to the media that they had not understood the essence of his attitudes: “I always try to be happy, to show this joy that I carry inside. I told my family that I was going to enjoy the first goal and that’s what I did “, he clarified in 2018.

The game, itself, was much talked about. To such an extent that one of the most viral moments was the trash talk that he used as a strategy Draw Martinez in the penalties of Mina, Davinson Sánchez and Miguel Borja. Messi knew in detail the Colombian who managed to play just six official matches in the Blaugrana before continuing his career in the Premier League. Mina chose against Argentina the same place where she had executed her shot against Uruguay and her usual dances this time could not be carried out.

Messi, Mina and Suárez when they shared a squad at Barcelona (Photo: @FCBarcelona_es)
Messi, Mina and Suárez when they shared a squad at Barcelona (Photo: @FCBarcelona_es)