Cuba does not receive visas and is eliminated from the Gold Cup

The Cuban National Team has been damaged once again. While the baseball representative seeks to give all the facilities to compete, basketball and football are treated with what is left over and, as expected, this has ended in participations with fewer players and, even, the elimination of the most important tournament at the National Team level in CONCACAF.

At the sporting level, the concentration was carried out in the best possible way, then they traveled to Nicaragua to collect all the corresponding papers that would allow them to enter US soil and, at this time, within hours of carrying out their qualifying game against French Guyana , all that ended up falling when they did not receive their visas on time and were automatically eliminated from the Gold Cup, without ever having stepped on the field.

“We trained for a full month preparing for the Gold Cup in the States. The game is today at 7 o’clock Miami and we are all sitting here in a hotel in Nicaragua still waiting for the visas of some players. How is it possible that all our competitors are there and we are not, CONCACAF? ”, Onel Hernández, current Norwich City striker, posted on his social networks.

To which the confederation simply decided to respond: “CONCACAF has been in constant communication with the Cuban Football Association regarding its trip to the Preliminary Round of the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup. Unfortunately, due to travel issues related to Covid-19 and their visas, and the required Covid-19 testing regimen, tonight’s match against French Guiana will not take place. The health and safety of the participating teams cannot be compromised ”.

With that simple answer and leaving many doubts around the island’s journalists, It is believed that there was not the necessary support for Cuba to work on the paperwork that would allow them to enter North American soil.. Some even accuse political entities of not asking for the support that is given in other disciplines. However, no matter what word is given, Cuba will not be able to fight for its ticket.

Against whom and when will French Guyana play?

With the story finished and definitive for Cuba, the French Guiana National Team will advance to the second round of the Preliminaries and will face Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. The winner of that series will join the group from El Salvador, Mexico and Curaçao.