Cruz Azul vs. Tijuana – Game Report – January 8, 2022 – ESPN

The reinforcement opened the way for the Machine against Xolos and Rafa Baca sealed the victory with a goal

The renovation in Blue Cross he started on the right foot. The Machine debuted at the Closing 2022 with a 2-0 win over Tijuana, in which the reinforcements Uriel Antuna, Erik Lira and Carlos RodriguezEven the latter was in charge of making it 1-0; while Rafael Baca finished the match with a great goal.

The local team suffered in the first minutes of the Closing 2022. It was difficult for him to generate offensive football before the intense pressure applied by the visitors in the center of the field, so it was difficult for the celestial ones to spin passes.

Tijuana He knocked on Jesús Corona’s door for the first time at 21 ‘, with a filtered pass from Marcel Ruíz that left Mauro Manotas alone. However, the attacker made poor contact with the ball and his shot went to one side of the blue hut before the goalkeeper’s bilge.

Jesús Corona reappeared at 31 ‘, at which point he launched himself to prevent Marcel Ruiz from scoring, the most dangerous footballer in Tijuana, which he tried with a long-distance shot.

After moments of instability, a center by Adrián Aldrete ended up being the key for the Machine, since the 1-0 was born from the left wing. Carlos Rodriguez, who beat Jonathan Orozco with a header in the 43rd minute.

The cement manufacturers took control of the match with the score in their favor against some Xolos that got out of control, a situation that increased with the 2-0 that fell with a goal from Rafael Baca, who, surprisingly, took a long-distance shot that caught Jonathan Orozco misplaced, a goalkeeper who could do little to prevent the second of the night.

Xolos He tried to approach the marker, but the figure of Jesús Corona prevented him again. Facundo Ferreyra, at 83 ‘, made a great individual play inside the area and was in front of the celestial goalkeeper, who had a feline reaction to prevent the border team from scoring goalless from the Azteca Stadium.

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Cruz Azul vs. Tijuana – Game Report – January 8, 2022 – ESPN