Cruz Azul rejects new offer from Spain for Luis Romo and the relationship between the two becomes cloudy

The cement directive has been blunt: the 26-year-old steering wheel will not come out for less than 5 million dollars in final sale

One of the soap operas of the winter market for Blue Cross will be that of Luis Romo, who in recent months already had a couple of offers of Spanish soccer, but the celestial directive has rejected both.

ESPN was able to confirm from two sources that an undisclosed Spanish La Liga team held a offer of $ 1.5 million for 100 percent of Romo’s pass, but the board rejected it immediately, just like last August when Blue Cross discarded a loan proposal for one year with the option to buy from Getafe.

In both cases, both the offer of this week of the Spanish club undisclosed as that of Getafe 4 months ago, the directive has been blunt: the 26-year-old midfielder will not go out for less than 5 million dollars in final sale.

ESPN has been able to verify that there is annoyance on both sides. On the one hand, the Mexican national team wants to fulfill its european dream and see the example of Orbelín Pineda, who clung to the position of not renewing his contract with Blue Cross to emigrate as a free player, for which he will join the ranks of Celta de Vigo as of January 1, without leaving a single dollar to the cement institution.

For its part, the club considers that at the time, although it was a past administration with Guillermo Álvarez as president and Jaime Ordiales as sports director, Blue Cross made an investment of 7 million dollars to buy Romo’s pass to Club Querétaro, making an extra effort to beat América and Chivas, who were also looking for him in December 2019.

The current directive of Blue Cross, headed by the president of the Board of Directors of the Cooperativa La Cruz Azul, Víctor Manuel Velázquez, and the executive president of the club, Álvaro Dávila, expects to recover at least 5 of the 7 million dollars invested in Romo, with the understanding that The institution has given full support to players in a pandemic, being one of the three clubs in the MX League that he never reduced the footballers’ salary by a single peso and was always punctual in his payments.

The sources consulted by ESPN acknowledge that in recent weeks there has been a distance between both parties and said that Romo is not willing to renew his contract, which expires on December 31, 2022, so as of July 1 he can negotiate with the club of his choice and emigrate as a free player on January 1, 2023, just a year after Orbelín Pineda chose that path to end his days as a cement producer.


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Cruz Azul rejects new offer from Spain for Luis Romo and the relationship between the two becomes cloudy