Cruz Azul players prevent presentation of Ordiales and show rejection upon his return

The footballers expressed their rejection to Juan Reynoso for the return of Ordiales, for which they prevented his official announcement before the first team

The players of Blue Cross have shown their rejection of the return of Jaime Ordiales.

Multiple sources consulted by ESPN confirmed the rupture between the group of soccer players and the new sports director of La Maquina, who was appointed to that position only on Thursday by the president of the Board of Directors of the Cooperativa La Blue CrossVíctor Manuel Velázquez, replacing the club’s executive president, Álvaro Dávila, who suddenly left with his team of collaborators that same day in the morning.

Thursday night, ordinals had the first direct contact with a player when signing the renewal of the Paraguayan Juan Escobar, in the company of his agent Elvio Rojas, a negotiation that the previous sports director Héctor Lara had already closed with the “ok” of Dávila.

So far, everything seemed fine.

This Friday at 11:00 a.m. presentation was scheduled ordinals with the players and coaching staff of John Reynoso in La Ferris wheel. However, the sources consulted by ESPN They affirmed that the soccer players expressed to Reynoso his rejection of the return of ordinalsfor which they prevented their official announcement from being made before the first team.

The message was transmitted directly by Reynoso and six or seven of the most important players on the squad to Víctor Velázquez, who then decided to suspend the presentation of ordinalsmultiple sources entrusted to ESPN.

All the informants consulted by this means, however, denied the version that John Reynoso He had tendered his resignation.

“Actually it was not like that, he did not resign, but he does support what the group of players thinks and they support him to death,” a source told this medium.

The cause of this break comes from a year ago, specifically during the Ninth Star tournament, the GUARD1ANES 2021, when the players categorically prohibited the entry of ordinals to the dressing room in the Azteca, in La Noria and in any stadium in response to what they consider “the lack of support” from the manager after the 4-0 elimination in the Semifinal against Pumas in December 2020, when media reports suggested external pressure to the players before that duel against the feline team and they felt without support from the board to defend themselves against the accusations.

Davila’s arrival in Blue Cross on January 2, 2021, who, according to the sources consulted, was the one who proposed Reynoso as a coach once the negotiations with the strongest candidates for the position left vacant by Robert Siboldi (which were Matías Almeyda and Hugo Sánchez) fell through, he calmed the waters between the players and the board, although the prohibition of the entry of ordinals to the locker room remained a measure of the players that the coaching staff always respected.

Today, that memory among the group of soccer players is fresher than ever, which is why they not only regret the untimely departure of Álvaro Dávila, Héctor Lara and the rest of their team, but also reject the return of ordinals for that feeling that “they were not supported”, although in reality the manager always sought to mediate in the conflict between the soccer players and the press and “throw water on the fire”, as another source assures ESPN.

In any case, the group of players has closed ranks “to the death” with the coaching staff of Reynosowho in turn has transmitted that same message to the players in full support of their decisions, which is why now the entire first team expects Víctor Velázquez to make a decision on the appointment of Jaime Ordialeswith the consequences that this may have for the future of Cruz Azul.

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Cruz Azul players prevent presentation of Ordiales and show rejection upon his return