Cruz Azul officially renewed Pablo Aguilar for one year

Cruz Azul announced the extension of the link with Pablo Aguilar on social networks, through a brief message in Guaraní

Cruz Azul made the renewal of the Paraguayan defender official Pablo Aguilar for a year, through a creative message on social networks that shows the legend in Guaranpi “Apyta pende ndive”, which in Spanish translates as “I stay with you.”

The 34-year-old South American central defender arrived in Cruz Azul for the 2018 Apertura and immediately became a key piece of the first celestial line. Until the concussion of Guard1anes 2021, with the ninth championship in the club’s history in the showcase, Aguilar registered 90 league games as a cement producer.

In the field of scoring, Despite the position he occupies, Aguilar has ten goals in six tournaments, the last of them against Atlético de San Luis on Matchday 16 of the last tournament.

This new link with the institution takes place one year, four months and 15 days after a serious injury to his left knee that placed him on the brink of retirement at the age of 33.

During the Concacaf Champions League game against Portmore United in Jamaica, which took place on February 18, 2020, the defender suffered a total rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament., as well as 85 percent of the medial collateral ligament, in addition to a tear in both menisci and even a micro bone fracture, which kept him from the courts until the end of that year.

“At first, I’m honest with you, I thought to myself ‘I don’t want to risk it anymore’, even to retire, a lot of things went through my head but now again when I walk again after a month and something, do my work again strengthening, I’m getting the taste again, “he told ESPN in April of last year.