Cruz Azul missed a great offer from Getafe for Luis Romo

Cruz Azul missed a great offer from Getafe for Luis


After I threw the entire bouquet of flowers to them, now I have to show that they are staying in the hammock in Blue Cross. There are many pending and important players are about to leave if my Álvaro Dávila and his boys do not wake up.

I start with what my Padawan Armando Melgar told you, that Orbelín already has an arrangement with Celta. It leaves us in December and there is no human power to keep it in La Noria. The celestial directive fell asleep all last semester, never sent a proposal to his representative, Mario Villarreal, to retain him and when they went to look for options in Europe, the Vigo club made him want and managed to tie him up since last week. It’s all ironed. That pigeon goes alive to the champion.


Now, before this departure from Orbe, Cruz Azul accepted the Venezuelan as relief Romulo Otero, about whom they told me good things and who had already been sought out by other Mexican clubs. The former Brazilian Atlético Mineiro driver arrives in La Noria thanks to the contact of the new celestial head representative: Brian Costa, who was the preferred agent of Dávila and Héctor Lara when they directed the destinations of Morelia.

The Brazilian promoter had already failed to bring players like defender Kanú, from Botafogo, or the Spaniard Pol García, who ended up in Ciudad Juárez, to La Maquina. Now it will be interesting to see what Juan Reynoso does with Otero and Pineda in the remainder of the tournament, after the Mexican brings sensational rhythm from the National Team and La Maquina did not start the tournament on. Will Orbe eat bench and give more action to the Venezuelan relay, or will he take advantage of Maguito until he leaves in December? What do you say? The subject is going to be tasty.


The most important of the champion’s earrings is the best player from the previous Liga Em Ex tournament, who shone with El Tri in the friendlies prior to the Gold Cup and is vital in the Olympic that is still looking for a medal in Tokyo: Luis Romo.

You already know that he still has a year and a half left on his contract, which ends just for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but Cruz Azul is falling asleep to execute the two options that suit everyone: sale to Europe or retain it. It can be like the dog of the two cakes. I explain.

The real option that came to La Noria was Getafe, but La Maquina unbelievably missed it. The proposal was unbeatable: a loan for him to travel to Madrid this summer with a purchase option subject to objectives that were very easy to meet; the amount offered is almost what Romo costs today. As you read it: Luis has an exit clause for 10 melons from the gringos and the Azulones offered them 7! In addition to what they were going to pay for the simple assignment. They won’t find a better business right now. Above with the desire that the Mexican has for the European dream.

They tell me that Míchel is captivated by the level that Romo brings and asked the ‘Geta’ board of directors to do what is necessary to sign him. So they understood, they sent the offer a long time ago, but in Cruz Azul they did not respond. The incredible thing about the case is that they have not approached Luis either to seek to extend the contract. It seems they want to go free in a year.


The other case that has not yet been resolved by the cement board is that of Yoshimar Yotún, who was absent in the first two days of Liga MX for the Copa América and the vacations that his compatriot Reynoso gave him, from which he returned yesterday.

The Peruvian can also go to La Maquina for free, because like Orbe, his contract ends in December; however, they tell me that the talks have been ‘friendlier’. Yoshi has a great poster in the MLS, where he will find a safe place, in addition there is the European interest that his participation in Copa América aroused. Hopefully Cruz Azul won’t be late in this one, because he was also key in the title.


Since we are working on the renovations, they told me that the Chivas board of directors led by my Richie Peláez is happy with the youth project that Vuce is giving a game to, but also because they are about to tie up one of the veterans who gives it that necessary strength for the younger ones, I mean Chuy Molina.

In Verde Valle they are satisfied because the talks with the Linebacker, who finished his contract in December, are going from strength to strength, and everything indicates that he will remain in the Herd for at least another year. They tell me to wait for news next week.


And for not leaving that rumor that Renato could go to Ciudad Juárez, discard it. It is true that there was communication between the clubs at some point to transfer Ibarra, but it never reached an offer and today Bravos is looking for a striker in the face of Lezcano’s loss, while America continues to hope to register him in place of Benedetti.

The one who has not been in the last training sessions for the Eagles is Castillo, who is still down because he is not seen and is physically already very well. Well, they told me that from Chile they have already sent him offers, but they have a heavy condition: he has to lower his salary considerably, which seems complicated.


By the way, for those who believed that they were no longer going to listen to Marion Reimers narrating and analyzing the La Shempions matches, because Fox Sports lost the broadcasting rights, they warned them that they are wrong, because the host moves with La Orejona in Mexico .

Reimers is leaving with Warner, who will play the European tournament on the new TNT Sports channel, thanks to his relationship with Chilean producer César Norambuena, who organizes the project and who worked for Fox Sports for several years; In addition, he has already taken other producers from the blue channel and will follow him with more talent. They tell me that Marion chose to stop narrating the Women’s League in order to be the first woman in Mexico to narrate a Champions League Final.

They also told me that Fox Sports are surprised that he will leave them, after they bet everything so that Marion would become the face of the channel, because in addition to Champions, she had ‘Radio’ and was the host of ‘Central Fox’; especially Ernesto López, the boss who defended her tooth and nail in the moments of greatest tension with his colleagues, who were several.