Cruz Azul makes official exchange with Chivas: Antuna signs for three years and Mayorga arrives on loan for one

After weeks of negotiations, one of the ‘bombings’ of this winter market took place in Liga MX

After weeks of negotiations, Guadalajara Y Blue Cross officially announced the exchange of Uriel antuna Y Alejandro mayorga for Roberto Alvarado, which represents one of the “bombs” of this winter market in Liga MX.

Several sources confirmed ESPN some details of the negotiation, in which Chivas acquired 50 percent of the federative rights of ‘Piojo’ Alvarado, while Cruz Azul did the same with the letter of ‘Brujo’ Antuna, with which both clubs keep said percentage for a possible future sale of both players.

On the other hand, the flying side Alejandro mayorga comes to the ‘Machine’ on loan for one year with an option to purchase. The heavenly club may decide until December 31, 2022 if the option estimated at 3.5 million dollars is valid.

The three players passed the rigorous medical examination and signed their contracts, in the case of Alvarado and Antuna for three years, while Mayorga signed for one year.

The sources added that there was no cash exchange between the teams, since with Alvarado and Antuna there is an exchange of player for player, while with Mayorga the negotiation includes paying the footballer’s salary and already within a year decide whether Blue Cross buys it for $ 3.5 million or returns it to Guadalajara.

ESPN advanced on Friday, December 12, the proposal of the sports director of Chivas, Ricardo Peláez, to Blue Cross, to carry out this negotiation, while on Thursday 16 this medium reported that there was already a total agreement between clubs, with details about the negotiation.

It all started when Chivas and America could not specify the exchange of Uriel antuna by Sebastián Córdova, after which Peláez, former director of Blue Cross, approached Antuna and Mayorga’s proposal to La Maquina, in exchange for the ‘Louse’ Alvarado.

For Chivas It is the first reinforcement of the first team in this winter market, while Blue Cross added his second and third players after the signing of the Uruguayan Christian Tabó.

Both institutions will continue to be active in search of reinforcements in this winter market, assured the sources consulted.


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Cruz Azul makes official exchange with Chivas: Antuna signs for three years and Mayorga arrives on loan for one