Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite dish that upset the Manchester United squad

Ronaldo wants to be champion again with Manchester United (Reuters)

Despite being 36 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo He is still one of the best footballers in the world and experts agree that this is due not only to his winning mentality, but also to the strict regime that he carries out. The striker, who performs extra training sessions every day, has for years based his diet on a diet that allows him to stay at the highest possible level and in turn avoids suffering muscle injuries. Since his return to Manchester United for this season, his new companions do not stop hallucinating with him and now a curious episode related to his diet has become known.

Is that portuguese is able to eat up to six dishes per day and he has asked the chefs of the English cadre to work with foods that fit his diet. One of the essential ingredients, for example, is shellfish and fish, that’s why the gunner drew up a food list which was given to the chefs at Old Trafford, as revealed by the British site The Sun.

This caused several of his companions to try to keep up with the Christian and that’s why they tried bacalhau, a typical Portuguese stew with salted cod and egg, which apparently had the positive approval of the players. But the discomfort was born when the tentacles reached their tables. “He (Ronaldo) loves octopus too, but most guys won’t eat that, even if it clearly works for Ronny! Cristiano really likes his proteins, things like slices of ham, eggs and avocados, and the chefs are trying to help him with a little home flavor, ”commented an anonymous source linked to Manchester United.

Is that the octopus, like most mollusks, It is rich in protein and is also a source of omega 3, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamin B. This animal does not usually have much presence in people’s diets due to its cost, its complex cooking and its scarcity. But Cristiano, a native of the Portuguese island of Medeira, is used to eating it and today he can afford to eat it almost daily.

Cristiano Ronaldo follows a strict diet to be at the best possible level (Reuters)
Cristiano Ronaldo follows a strict diet to be at the best possible level (Reuters)

But this is not the first time that the diet of number 7 generates this type of reactions in the establishment of the English team. Lee Grant, the third goalkeeper in the cast led by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, revealed a similar episode earlier this month: “This happened on Friday night, at the group rally at the hotel. As you know, we just had dinner and we usually have some desserts and ‘less healthy’ things. We have apple pie, cream brownies and stuff. But nobody dared to go for them ”. The thing is the footballers themselves felt uncomfortable having something sweet when they saw what Ronaldo was eating.

“I can guarantee that there was not a single player who touched the apple pie and no one got up to get the brownie. They all just sat there, and one of the guys even asked me, ‘What’s up Cristiano?’ We were looking at what he had and of course it was the cleanest and healthiest dish you can imagine. I had several dishes and one of them had quinoa, avocado, and a couple of boiled eggs. It is normal that he is in that incredible state of form “, he counted.

In January 2020, the site The Sun published what could be the menu of any day in the life of the Portuguese striker who was shining at Juventus at that time. For breakfast, I usually eat cold cuts (ham and cheese) and low calorie yogurt. At the first lunch (mid-morning), he usually appeals to chicken with vegetables. The second lunch can consist of fish, which you can repeat once or twice a day. Tuna, swordfish or cod, your favorites, accompanied with scrambled eggs. At some point in the day, he intersperses a snack, with toast and fruit. And at night, close with a piece of meat, usually with a salad.

All of this allows Cristiano Ronaldo stay in shape at 36 and be able to continue to be at the height of a competition as demanding as the Premier League, that he Manchester United seeks to conquer this season. For that, despite the fact that the vast majority of the squad do not like it, the octopus will continue to be present in the club’s kitchen.