Cristiano Ronaldo will not leave Juventus, as confirmed by Massimiliano Allegri

Once again the rumors about a possible departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus were extinguished, after Massimiliano Allegri mentioned that the Portuguese will remain in the Serie A team

Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus technical director, confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo He will stay with the Italian team despite the rumors that emerged in recent weeks about a possible departure from the team and even his return to Real Madrid, a team where he was before Vecchia Signora.

Cristiano is fine and we must work to take advantage of his qualities. He works well and has never had the will to leave Juventus. Cristiano told me he’s staying. We can clarify that. I have only heard rumors from you (press). He’s working well and he’s staying at Juventus, “Allegri told a press conference.

In the same way, the strategist of the Italian team said that his team will seek all the titles this season, because not only does he want to win the championship in Serie A, but he also seeks to stand out at the continental level in the UEFA Champions League and stressed that Cristiano is ready to face those competitions.

Like every year, play to win all competitions. Let’s do things one after the other and try to win the first game against Udinese. It will be a balanced tournament and to win you should not have peaks of 100 and then go down to 30, but be at a speed between 80 and 90 ”, he emphasized.

Juventus will debut this weekend in Serie A against Udinese and will have a full team, including Cristiano Ronaldo, who this Friday shared photos on his Instagram account of the day’s training and declared himself ready for the competition.

In addition, during the week, the Portuguese asked that his career be respected and came out to clarify that he does not intend to leave the team and that the rumors around him are not true.