Cristiano Ronaldo has given a recital

Agreement principle week. The Scottish Denis Law was in the 60s one of the holy men of Manchester United together with Bobby charlton and George Best. At twilight, when it came to you and you got off the horse with discomfort in the sleo, Law landed on the Manchester City. The vision haunted United fans who had dubbed Law ‘The King’. For a pirouette of the f

tbol, ​​a decisive derby awaited Law. Almost accidentally, with

a high heel from an old professor of the area, scored a goal with which United went down to Second

. He did not celebrate it, he went to his field with his soul in the ICU. It was the last goal of his career, torture for the rest of his dinners. Law was, is and is United, although now Alzheimer’s is trying to erase the ovations.

The covers and the portuguese

Cristiano Ronaldo, who had lived an unbearable summer with Messi, Haaland and Mbapp

On all the covers of the planet, he reacted in time to not be the new Denis Law.

The portuguese has given a recital

of how to get into marketing, deny it with a cardboard-stone indignation and finally catch the plane to another destination. For a few hours he imagined himself at the command of

Guardiola at City

and ended up at Old Trafford under the monocle of Charlton and Ferguson. At least he won’t hit De Gea’s nut with the City jersey.

It was the penultimate turnaround -the fashionable expression-

of a summer that moves as if it lived installed in the old nights of Ibiza. It is a time when everything is imminent, in which

something hysterical happens every six hours

and in which soccer matches are played in between. The boundaries of reality have been unwound.

Sergio Ramos is going to celebrate goals with Messi

. Varane meets Cristiano again at United. Guardiola wants to be a selector of something. Chelsea sign Lukaku for the second time. And Umtiti and Mariano, two idols for those who flee from moving, do not move.

What shirt do we burn?

In this


Of notes, commissions, agents, flights, offers, clauses, and elephants in the pool, the hobbyist is as disoriented as he is amused.

The fan needs more clarity to decide precisely which shirt to burn

. Thus there is no one who does not rush when it comes to making a barbecue with the cloth, the name and the number of the unfaithful star. Patience is needed even if it is too much to ask. The market closes on Tuesday, except for a radical turn.

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