Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez are expecting a new child, according to ‘Hello’

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina are in luck. The media couple is expecting their second child together after the arrival of Alana Martina in 2017. This is stated by the magazine Hello, which exclusively reveals that the footballer and the model have received the news with great joy and that the pregnancy would have already reached twelve weeks. Both thus fulfill one of their greatest wishes, since there have been many occasions in which, especially Georgina, have shown their idea of ​​being a mother again.

My desire for motherhood is stronger than anything. I hope to have more children“said Jaca in an interview exactly a year ago. And said and done. The young woman has passed the first trimester of pregnancy while continuing to adapt to her new life in Manchester, where they arrived last summer after the signing of Ronaldo by the United.

The couple, always according to the magazine, I would have received the news with great joy and they expand the large family they have with the children that the player had in the past: Cristiano Jr, born in 2010, Eva and Mateo who were born in 2017 and the aforementioned Alana Martina who came to the world the same year.

And if Georgina showed her plans to be a mother last year, Cristiano already did the same in 2017 when he confessed that he wanted, nothing more and nothing less, than seven children. He did it shortly after becoming a father for the fourth time, in a dialogue with the magazine France Football in which he revealed that, in honor of the number 7 that has given him so much joy, his dream was to have seven children and as many Ballons d’Or. “I want seven, the magic number, and I think that’s fine.” At the moment he is going for the fifth, the same titles that he has in the prestigious award.

Your children, the most important

“Cristiano and I have a very well organized daily life and we don’t like to change our routine. Organization is the key to performance (…). We take pride in caring for our children ourselves, with the help of my sister Ivana when I am not available. I am the one who takes them to school, picks them up and does their homework with them. I love them all the same, · Georgina confessed last year. “Some people think they know us and are prejudiced. I make sure my children get a good education and lots of love. I also take care of the house, including the management of the employees for whom we are responsible. Everything revolves around school, children, training and games. “

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez are expecting a new child, according to ‘Hello’