Conmebol published the audio of the VAR after the controversy over the hand in the Corinthians area: why was it not a penalty for Boca?

Bruno Méndez touched the ball with his hand after an attempt from Sebastián Villa’s clearance center for Darío Benedetto

Boca Juniors achieved an important draw against Corinthians in Brazil for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Libertadores Cup. beyond that Agustin Rossi was once again a factor after saving a penalty against Roger Guedes, the team from Sebastian Battaglia He also had his chances to score, but the goalkeeper Cássio had weight covered for the goalless equality.

It was a friction match, which left several disputed plays. One of the controversies of the night in San Pablo occurred at 16 minutes of the complement when the ball touched the hand of Bruno Méndez after an attempt by Sebastián Villa to pass Darío Benedetto. All of Boca claimed a penalty, but Tobar did not sanction and his choice was supported by the VAR.

In the last hours, Conmebol released the audios of the analysis of the play. “After a cross, the ball hits the abdomen of a defender in white and then his hand, which is close to his body in a natural position”indicates the first fragment of the arbitration report.

“The referee, with a good position, allows the game to continue. The VAR reviews the play, confirming the decision of the audio”, adds the report before putting the audios of the cross between the person in charge of the video arbitration, the Venezuelan Juan Soto, who was also assisted by Eduardo Cardozo (Paraguay).

“Very close to the body, it seems a natural position to me”Soto says as he watches with the rest of his team the action that ends with the impact of the ball in Méndez’s hand. “Full check, Roberto, you can resume”ends the audio after the review.

The referee Roberto Tobar decided that the local player dropped and the VAR supported his choice

The remaining play with the VAR audios that Conmebol also made public was related to the alleged penalty that the local team requested at 12 minutes of the second stage of the match. Adson gets into the area on the left side of the xeneize defense, and when he tried to pass Sández, he dropped.

“The referee, with a good position, allows the game to continue the play as a normal play”says the introduction of the action in which the VAR relied on various angles and speeds to confirm that it was not a penalty.

“It is dropped”the Chilean judge is heard saying after the action. “Very light contact and he exaggerates it”clarifies Soto, the person in charge of the VAR, in the video.

Once the match was over, Battaglia himself was consulted about the possible penalty that had not been sanctioned in the complement and said: “As for the referee’s role, I have to see the play well. It is a matter of interpretation if the hand is separated or not and sometimes it is difficult to see those types of plays. The decision was not to charge a penalty, but it is up to interpretation whether or not they should review the play, ”said the DT about the penalty that Xeneize claimed for the hand of Bruno Méndez.

In this way, Tobar closed a good deed supported by his VAR colleagues. He acted quickly in each complex instance and was always close to each play, supervising what happened on the field of play in a match in which there was rough play and friction.

Boca took a draw from Brazil and now the series will be defined next Tuesday in Buenos Aires (REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli)


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Conmebol published the audio of the VAR after the controversy over the hand in the Corinthians area: why was it not a penalty for Boca?