Confirmed: Cardona off the list

1627151391 Confirmed Cardona off the list

Every day that passes it is clearer: Cardona is the blacklist.

Having gone to Colombia to spend a few days with the family after the Copa América instead of complying with the requirements of leaders and coaching staff and immediately returning to Argentina to play the Copa Libertadores round of 16 series against Atlético Mineiro, the club having made a plane available to him, produced a break in the institution-footballer relationship. Nothing will be the same, and the fact that they have left him out of the list of concentrates in the face of a match as atypical and peculiar as this one that Mouth ahead of him leaves it in evidence.

Cardona with her Instagram family

Cardona with her Instagram family

Despite the enormous setbacks that are presented to Sebastian Battaglia to assemble the team by the refusal of the Professional Football League to postpone the matches of the second and third dates of the tournament against Banfield Y San Lorenzo Y the number of Minister Carla Vizzotti and the Ministry of Health at the request of the club to enable a health corridor that would allow isolated players to face these commitments, the Colombian does not appear among those summoned.

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That he comes from five days of vacation and another seven of strict quarantine for having returned to the country from abroad without a health bubble to protect him from contagions is as true as that the anger towards him is still (super) latent. Without going any further, on Thursday, when the information emerged that the talented Colombian midfielder had rejoined training and worked with Battalia in Reserve, the feeling was that, given the emergency, the animosity was going to be put aside and that against Banfield it would be a fixed one. Error: not even concentrating.

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While officially Mouth did not disclose the list of summoned -at least until the moment of publishing this note- it was known that Cardona would not be part of: They summoned him to appear in the afternoon but not to go to Florencio Sola to play against Banfield but to train. Fine tunning? Punishment? Only leaders and coaching staff know it.

Cardona will train in the afternoon.

Cardona will train in the afternoon.

The truth is that this Saturday from 8.15pm It will be 11 kids who will defend the colors, many of them with the burden of having also played the Reserve match on Friday: Agustín Lastra; Eros Mancuso, Balthazar Bernardi, Lisandro Mercuri, Valentín Barco; Rodrigo Montes, Equi Fernández or Kevin Duarte, Gabriel Vega; Israel Escalante, Vicente Taborda and Ezequiel Almirón.

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Agustín Lastra: A great archer who comes from standing for a long time. They relieved him from the Libertadores list due to a health problem (blow to the spleen). He went to the Reserve bank in the last game and was a starter in the Fourth on Saturday against Gimnasia, with a 2-1 victory. He’s very tall, stringy, salty, good punch. But it came without rhythm. Professional.

Eros Mancuso: It has conditions to be the four. He was a right-hand drive, then they threw him back and he learned a lot in the brand. In Reserve he plays with ease, he is past category. When he attacks, he does not attack to attack: he arrives, overflows, hooks inside, if he can, the play ends. Goes decisively and resolved. They offered it to Gimnasia and Sarmiento. Professional.

Eros Mancuso.

Eros Mancuso.

Balthazar Bernardi: It was lateral, now it is central. Good height. He has a physique similar to Giampaoli, a central defender physique. It is more technical than aggressive. Straight. From Children’s in the club. No professional contract.

Lisandro Mercuri: A kid who came from Leandro N. Alem in Infantiles. Unlike Bernardi, he is more aggressive than technical. He is a right central and sometimes played four. No professional contract.

Valentin Barco: Is a crack. He already debuted in First. They brought him down, then he was extreme, then left lane … Everyone knows the secrets of the band, and he has a great punch. Professional.

Rodrigo Montes: They made him the first contract. He played in Atalaya de Córdoba. It took a long time to demonstrate its conditions. You can act five. He has dynamics, a metedor, he passes the ball well. Good physique. Renderer, recuperator. Professional

Equi Fernández: He is a left-handed man with a very good game, without a profile problem, something that is more common in rights but not in left-handers, who are generally more closed. Deploy, play well, good technique. In the brand he defends himself, it is not his strong suit. He has already debuted and is professional.

Gabriel Vega: He is straight, he has a very good short and long pass. It started from internal steering wheel, but they were movement of positions. He always shows up for the five to give him the ball. He passes it and hits him well from medium distance. Good head. Great future. He never hid. Professional.

Ezequiel Almirón: It’s from area, southpaw. He is not tall, but he is well armed. He scores goals, but he’s not a scorer, a scorer. From Infantile. He has not yet signed a contract.

Vicente Taborda: He played catch, then it was nine and finally they turned him into a winger. He has been in Boca since he was 11 years old.

Israel Escalante: He goes outside, very fast, quite skillful, and very professional. He returned from a loan in Independiente Medellín. Quick, he has skill, he makes a noise for any of the bands.