Concacaf complicates the eradication of the cry to FMF

Concacaf complicates the eradication of the cry to FMF


Wow! Until I heard the engineer De Luisa raise his voice against the Concachafa. It was already needed. Now that I do not loosen. They can’t treat us like that if El Tri is the one that fills their coffers with every cool tournament like this Gold Cup.

It is enough to remember, to put lemon on the wound, that the two veto games that FIFA applied to us for the ‘forbidden cry’ was by the Guadalajara Pre-Olympic organized by Concacaf, where it did not apply the protocol to stop at the tribune and thus to be able to save Mexico. It was heard several times, but the referee decided only to reach phase 1 of the protocol, that is, only to have the call made on the Omnilife loudspeakers. If they want to stop it, they sure do. But it was worth it and FIFA still punished us. So enough is enough, you have to remind the managers of Miami who is the boss of the area. It’s going to get good.

What’s more, on Saturday before the game against Trinidad and Tobago in Arlington, I tell you that the FMF proposed to Conca and SUM that the captain of Tri take a microphone to ask for the sound that they not shout, out of respect for the rival, but to the organizers entered them in one ear and out the other.

For tomorrow against Guatemala at the Cotton Bowl, Doña Fede hopes that now they will listen to her before the whistle, as was done against Panama in Nashville and against Nigeria in Pasadena, where the public fell significantly to the shout. Let’s see.


Already on issues of our League Em ExI’ll tell you about the Ti-gue-res, who seem immune to the economic effects of the pandemic, in addition to their reinforcements, they are sailing with the wind to build their new stadium.

It turns out that the government of the state of Nuevo León, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (owner of the Volcano) and Cemex (owners of Tigres) already agreed last week to build the new Felinos’ house in the parking lot of the study house. , next to the current one, in the style of how Yankee Stadium was built. My northern cement ear confirms that details are missing so that the Uni les green light for the project, which is estimated to cost around 250 green melons.

Now, there is more. They also blew me a macabre intention of the new stadium. You already know that the 2026 World Cup will be in three venues in our country, Mexico City with Azteca, Guadalajara with Akron and Monterrey with BBVA. Pueeees, they assure me that the Tigers have already put the letter of the new stadium on Doña Fede’s table to fight because instead of being played in the home of the Striped, the World Cup is where it will be your brand new home. Crazy.

From now on I remind you that one of the virtues of this World Cup is that it is ‘sustainable’ in terms of stadiums, that is, none were built from scratch, that they did not cost as much as a new one, so it will be necessary to see if the FMF to include them and then if FIFA accepts.


Now, what is promised is debt. Last week I told you that there was much more to the case of Mirrey Higuera’s betrayal of the Vergara in Chivas and today it is time to exhibit the former rojiblanco adviser. It’s a novel.

I begin by telling you that I received documents that prove my suspicions about the relationship that Higuera had with Angélica Fuentes, when she was already divorced from Vergara and José Luis worked for Jorge.

It turns out that in the middle of 2018, after the lawsuit between the marriage had ended with a multimillion-dollar payment from the owner of Chivas to his ex-wife, even with the problem that the rojiblanco boss was not allowed to see his daughters and other troubles, Higuera, working in the herd, he maintained one of his various companies in partnership with Fuentes; the most important in this case was EZ Sports, where both appear as shareholders. The financial advisor worked for both sides. Scoundrel. But that is not the worst.


Since the distant 2009, Fuentes decided to get rid of the Tapatío franchise to sell it to the UDG, a team that was necessary for the preparation of rojiblancos homegrown players, key to firing up players like Bravo, Salcido, Maza, Reynoso, Magallón, Sabah and more . This generated annoyance in the Basic Forces technicians for losing a space for the maturation of juveniles.

Through EZ Sports, a company he owned with Angélica, Higuera buys the Coras franchise in Liga de Ascenso in 2014; the government at that time was headed by the now detained ex-governor Roberto Sandoval, who offered the financial advisor a subsidy from the state treasury for 15 national melons a year to cover a large part of the costs, in addition to the loan of the stadium.

After the scandalous departure of Angélica from Grupo Omnilife, José Luis took over the general management in April 2015. A year earlier, EZ Sports reached a juicy agreement with Chivas so that the red-and-white quarry would join the Higuera team, for which he received million pesos for the payment of training fees. Over time, the agreement grew and players’ salaries, travel expenses and sales commissions were also paid, while the Herd also supported with ‘experience’, providing technical assistants and physical trainers.

In 2017, Higuera repeated the negotiation formula with a governor, now with Graco Ramírez and took the team to Morelos, to turn it into Zacatepec, he even had to open the remodeled Coruco Díaz Stadium. Does what he did in 2020 sound like to you? Michoacán’s Mirrey convinced another state government and now has Atlético Morelia.

In 2019, the EZ Sports agreement with Chivas ended, more than 60 rojiblancos players passed in Coras and Zacatepec, coinciding with the worst quarry production in the Flock in recent years. Guadalajara did not have fruits of this relationship, there were only two ganones: the ‘Mirrey de Michoacán’ and behind, the ‘Güera del gas’, all behind the backs of the Vergara.


Do not panic: it is not to stay in the first team. Ibarra will train this Tuesday with Solari because they want to keep giving him rhythm, they keep fine-tuning it so that the good guy arrives to take him away.

Renato was training with the U20, but he no longer made plans for the tour that the team does in California, so he will report to El Nido again and they told me that the technician will talk with him. They assure me that it is to give him confidence, so that he can put batteries and be able to place it, but I am so badly thought out, I think Santi is not comfortable with Benedetti and his injuries and is exploring the possibility of reinstating Ibarra. This is pure speculation on your napkin. Of course, they assure me in Coapa that Azcárraga’s pardon will never come. Will be?


My Padawan Castillo already explained to you in his column today what will happen with the old certification to get promoted in our football: the FMF will apply the concept of ‘licensing’ that exists in FIFA; De Luisa even confirmed it this Monday.

This new term to certify clubs for promotion will begin in the Second Premier; follows the famous audit, but the main difference is that it will be applied from the beginning of the next tournament, so that already in Liguilla they know which ones they meet to enter the Expansion.

Here the strange thing is that they are very applied with the Premier and they hit Irapuato, Durango and Matamoros very quickly, but with clubs like Correcaminos in the Expansion it has taken a whole tournament to realize the suckling pig inside. And surely they will also let them participate in the next contest, which of course raises suspicions as to why they are relentless and immediate with some and lax and permissive with others.