Colombia confirms schedules for matches against Brazil and Ecuador

Colombia Chile

Colombia-Chile by World Cup qualifying.


Vanexa Romero / Weather

Colombia-Chile by World Cup qualifying.

The Selection will be local twice on the triple date of October.

After the three rounds of the tie to the Qatar World Cup 2022, the South American teams are already thinking about what the next commitments will be. The Colombian Soccer Federation confirmed the schedules of the matches that the National Team will play at home on the double date of October.

Conmebol decided that three games will also be played, to balance the calendar, after the postponement of the days of previous months.

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These are the days and the matches:

Thursday October 7

Uruguay vs. Colombia
Ecuador vs. Bolivia
Paraguay vs. Argentina
Peru vs. chili
Venezuela vs. Brazil

Sunday October 10

Colombia vs. Brazil (4 pm)
Chile vs. Paraguay
Argentina vs. Uruguay
Venezuela vs. Ecuador
Bolivia vs. Peru

Thursday October 14

Colombia vs. Ecuador (4 pm)
Brazil vs. Uruguay
Argentina vs. Peru
Bolivia vs. Paraguay
Chile vs. Venezuela

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