Classified! Millionaires shone in El Campín and beat Junior 4-1

With the stadium to burst, Millonarios fulfilled his fans and beat Atlético Junior 4-1, thus ensuring their classification to home runs and obtaining a good difference in the reclassification table.

In the first half played in the middle of the court, the ambassador team came out with a good offensive proposal, but, as the minutes passed, it diminished before a Junior who, clinging to possession of the ball, grew and finished better the first 45.

Fernando Uribe had the first opportunity to open the marking on his feet, but the shot of the blue scorer, who was left alone in the area, went to the hands of Sebastián Viera. Missed golden opportunity.

Ten minutes later the first cry came in the cold Bogotá night. In the 25th minute, Juan Carlos Pereira finished a good collective play by the capital’s cast, which began at the feet of goalkeeper Esteban Ruiz, passed through the feet of Daniel Giraldo and culminated with a rebound that captured the Samarian midfielder, prior to a center of Emerson Rivaldo bound for Uribe, to send the ball to the back of the net with a powerful right hand.

After the cold water washout, the shark team reacted and with a goal from Homer Martínez tied the match in minute 32. The defense and the midfield of Millonarios left space for the Junior defender to take out a right leg bomb and nail it to the angle. Nothing to do for the blue-haired archer.

The goal of the rojiblanco team changed the plans of a Millionaires who ended the first half without ideas.

In the second half, those led by Alberto Gamero came out with a different mentality and in the first minute they scored the second goal, Emerson overflowed on the right wing for Daniel Ruiz, who hit the ball with his left leg; the ball hit the post and, on the rebound, Fernando Uribe appeared to push the round to the back of the net. Roldán reviewed the play in the VAR for an alleged previous foul, but did not consider it and approved the annotation.

The Barranquilla team responded to the goal against with a medium-distance shot from Luis González, which passed very close to the crossbar of the south goal of the El Campín stadium.

In the 60th minute, Millonarios, again, at Uribe’s feet, missed another scoring opportunity. The striker from Pereira stole the ball from Ditta at the start, but defined poorly while alone against Viera.

The rematch came for Uribe in the 71st minute, after a shot from Daniel Ruiz released by Viera and left at the feet of Mackalister, who assisted Fernando for the third goal of the night.

The second half for Millonarios was perfect, totally different from the first, and in the 75th minute the fourth goal came. Recovery in the middle of the court, Silva transported and assisted Emerson Rivaldo who defined Viera’s post and pulled out the thorn one night with several individual errors in El Campin.

The end of the game was hot and with one sent off for each team, the match ended. Harrison Mojica saw the red in the blue and Fabián Sambueza in Junior.

With 32 points, Millonarios secured the classification to the next round; while the rojiblanco stayed in fifth position with 24 units.


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Classified! Millionaires shone in El Campín and beat Junior 4-1