‘Chucky’ Lozano reveals details about his injury: Many doctors told me that I could lose my life

The Napoli forward said he was very afraid of leaving his children unprotected if something more serious happened to him

Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano, forward of Napoli and the Mexican team, revealed that many doctors told him that his life was at risk after the injury he suffered against Trinidad and Tobago in the past gold CupBesides, he felt a lot of fear at that time.

“I think more because when you have children it is to see for them. Many doctors told me, I could even lose my life and you are very afraid on those occasions, because you leave two children, a woman alone and it was a very hard blow and it makes you think many things, “he said exclusively to ESPN.

“Sure you do (I was scared). It was a strong injury, thank God it did not happen to adults. A little more, less, left or right, I could get paralyzed or lose my eye because everything was opened, then I have the scar. It was complicated. I was very afraid, but my wife was able to be with me and support me ”, said the ‘Chucky’.

Hirving lozano was a starter in the first game of the Tricolor in the Concacaf contest and after a few minutes on the field, he hit the Trinidadian goalkeeper, who hit him with his knee in the face. Before the impact, ‘Chucky’ He was removed from the field on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

Asked about the return of Raul Jimenez, Wolverhampton’s Mexican forward, who also suffered a strong impact on the head, said that it is good that he is back with his club and that he is taken into account with the Tricolor.

“Personally, I am very pleased that he is coming back because the injury was more complicated for him. It was hard. The main thing is health and he always contributes a lot to the national team and the group. He is a great player and a great human being ”.

About the competition that Jimenez will have with Rogelio Funes Mori and the different opinions on the incorporation of the striker of Rayados, Hirving lozano He was clear and said that the group adapts to what Gerardo Martino is looking for and it will be up to the others to give their point of view.

“I believe that outside journalists can express their point of view, but the one who decides is the coach and you have to try to accept what he seeks and wants for the team. He will decide who will be the starter or not, but it is always good that a strong player comes to the national team ”.

Finally and focusing on fighting for the Serie A and UEFA Europa League title, the ‘Chucky’ Lozano he congratulated himself on the good start to the season and said that this is his chance to make history.

“It was a very nice start. In this Napoli We have great players, great people and I hope we achieve the goals we have in mind. It is a new tournament, a new beginning and it is an opportunity to do good things and history ”, he concluded Lush in the chat with ESPN.