Christian Eriksen will be the guest of honor in the final of the Eurocup: the dramatic moment he overcame and how his football career will continue

Eriksen's goal is to smile again on a soccer field (Photo: REUTERS)
Eriksen’s goal is to smile again on a soccer field (Photo: REUTERS)

In the absence of a single game to end a new edition of the Eurocup, undoubtedly this tournament will be marked by a fact that worried the whole world: the cardiac arrest that he suffered Christian eriksen in the match between Denmark Y Finland by the first date of the group stage. But beyond having lost its main figure and star in the debut, the Danes’ tournament stretched to the semifinals where they fell to England in overtime because of a controversial criminal charged to Raheem Sterling.

With the protagonists and the stage ready for the match to culminate, the UEFA invited the hitch of the Inter de Milan to see the duel between England and Italy in Wembley. Aleksander ceferin, president of the body that regulates football in Europe, was personally in charge of sending him the proposal and with him will be able to attend both his wife and the doctors who revived Eriksen that afternoon in the Parken stadium from Copenhagen. A way to give a happy ending to a moment that caused everyone’s fear.

After the heart problem, Christian stayed in his country and went on vacation to one of the beautiful beaches in Denmark. The idea was to advance in the recovery as calmly as possible with his family and away from the media. However, a boy named Bjørn Bindzus he found the footballer, took a photo with him and went viral: was Eriksen’s first healthy image after leaving the Rigshospitalet with the medical discharge in his hands.

Christian Eriksen's first photo outside the hospital
Christian Eriksen’s first photo outside the hospital

What specifically happened to Inter’s hitch? On his debut at Euro 2020 fell collapsed during the 43rd minute of the match between Denmark and Finland at the Parken Stadion. The midfielder suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and was treated on the lawn by doctors, who tried to revive him for several minutes until Christian opened his eyes and exchanged a few words with a doctor. “Are you back among us?”, Said the health specialist, to which the footballer replied: “Yes, I’m back”, and then he said, “By God, I’m only 29 years old,” he recalled.

Finally, was stabilized and transferred to a hospital, where he remained stable until an automatic defibrillator was implanted. According to the Danish Football Federation, this device “Necessary after suffering a heart attack due to heart rhythm disorders”. The surgery did not have any type of setback and Eriksen’s body responded in a good way to the artifact. A few days later, he was discharged so that he could rest with his loved ones.

The player will have to undergo several cardiac tests before deciding his next step in his professional career in which retirement is an option to consider. You must wait for your personal evolution to make a decision regarding your future in football. Meanwhile, the medical corps of the Inter de Milan he keeps an eye on the conditions of his footballer and new coach Filippo Inzhagi dedicated a few words to the Dane during his launch press conference.

The support from the football world was total: "All of Denmark is with you, Christian" (Photo: REUTERS)
The support from the football world was total: “All of Denmark is with you, Christian” (Photo: REUTERS)

“For now he has to think about resting, but as Inter coach I await him with open arms. He had spoken to him before the Euro, not since his accident. I’m very sorry about what happened. He’s a player I bet on “, declared the brand new technical director of the Nerazzurri. The main conflict is that in the Italian league it is forbidden to wear this type of heart device during professional football and high performance practice. Beyond the corresponding evaluations, Inter will have to discuss with Serie A in case they want to include the footballer.

One of the alternatives that Eriksen will have to take into account in case he is not allowed to compete in Italian lands, is to migrate to a championship that allows players with an implanted defibrillator to represent a club. For example, the Dutch defender Daley blind, who had an important step through the Manchester United, a device similar to that of the Danish was implanted in order to continue his career and He defended the Ajax shirt for several more years together with some called to his team.

The decision that Christian Eriksen makes regarding his professional future must be made with total security and with medical support.. Meanwhile, he will enjoy the final of Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium with his wife and specialists who helped him stay alive. An unfair blow to one of the most talented footballers in the history of Denmark who in top capable condition led his country to win its second continental championship after the one achieved in 1992.

The dramatic moment of this European Championship during Denmark-Finland