Cholo Simeone leads the ranking of the best paid coaches in the world: the top 10

Cholo Simeone, the best paid coach in the world (REUTERS / Phil Noble)

What Diego Simeon He is one of the most weighted coaches in Europe and the world is not new. The magnificent work that the cholos has been doing for years at Atlético Madrid led the Spanish team to be in the forefront of the Old Continent. In fact, he has just sealed his ticket to the quarterfinals of the Champions League after eliminating Manchester United at Old Trafford (now he will face Manchester City). The merits of the Argentine DT are translated into economics: he remains the best paid coach in the world.

As revealed by the French media The team, Simeone leads the ranking of coaches’ salaries worldwide. Also on the podium are the Catalan Josep Guardiola (Manchester City) and the German Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool). What is the number that cholos pockets monthly for his tasks at Atlético? A total of €3,300,000 (about $3,640,000). For his part, Pep takes 1.89 million euros, while Klopp receives 1.49 million per month, as does the Italian Antonio Conte (Tottenham).

In mid-2021, the emblem of the Argentine national team renewed its link with the Colchonero until mid-2024. It is worth mentioning that the coach who earns almost 40 million euros per year is the one who has been managing the same team in La Liga for the most consecutive seasons and is the most successful coach in the club’s history with eight titles. In addition, he is the one who has achieved the most victories in the Madrid institution. At his side work his assistants Nelson Vivas and Hernán Bonvicini, his physical trainer Óscar Ortega and the goalkeeping coach Pablo Vercellone.

Apart from the local titles in Argentina with Estudiantes de La Plata and River Plate, Simeone has won 8 titles with Atlético Madrid (4 local and 4 international). He won two Spanish leagues, one Copa del Rey, one Spanish Super Cup, two Europa League and two European Super Cups. His great desire is to win the Champions League, a contest that was denied him in 2014 and 2016 against Real Madrid.

Other important names appear on the list of the best paid players, such as the Italian Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus), the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino (Paris Saint Germain), the Italian Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid), the Portuguese José Mourinho (Rome) and the German Julian Naggelsmann (Bayern Munich).


1. Diego Pablo Simeone (Athletic Madrid): 3.3 million euros per month.

two. Pep Guardiola (Manchester City): 1.89 million euros per month.

3. Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool): 1.49 million euros per month.

Four. Antonio Conte (Tottenham): 1.49 million euros per month.

5. Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus): 1.17 million euros per month.

6. Mauricio Pochettino (PSG): €1.1 million.

7. Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid): 910,000 euros per month.

8. Jose Mourinho (AS Roma): 770,000 euros per month.

9. Julian Naggelsmann (Bayern Munich): 666,000 euros per month.

10. Simone Inzaghi (Inter Milan): 620,000 euros per month.


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Cholo Simeone leads the ranking of the best paid coaches in the world: the top 10