Chivas reconciles with the goal and defeats León

Chivas broke a streak of three games without scoring and took a bulky victory against León

Chivas returned to goal and victory after beating León 4-1. Urged to break the nets and get rid of the losing streak of four games without scoring, Marcelo Michel Leaño’s team took the pressure off, even in a friendly in the United States.

After trying and trying by all means, Chivas scored a goal. Four games went by, three from Liga MX and a friendly, so they could score a goal. Ángel Zaldívar took away their malaria and took the pressure off a technician who received dozens of criticisms.

Zaldívar took a rebound in the area after a good collective play and put that goal that the entire rojiblanca nation longed for for weeks. Minutes before, César Huerta warned with a shot to the post, but it arrived on the 9th of the Flock to put an end to malaria.

Minutes later and with a total control of the ball, Jesús ‘Canelo’ Angulo made it 2-0. The Olympic medalist escaped down the left wing and took off the Leonese goalkeeper without problem to break the nets once more.

For the complement, Stiven Barreiro scared Chivas and discounted for León. The South American did his thing so that the distance on the scoreboard was less, but his annotation did not impact on Chivas, since Carlos Cisneros put distance with a goal from a free kick.

As if that weren’t enough, Lalo Torres put the last thrust and sentenced the score 4-1 in favor of the people of Guadalajara.

By quadruple game came the goals that Chivas did not make in four past games. With this, Marcelo Michel Leaño and the rojiblancos took off the bad streak and the pressure, which ended in the United States.