Chivas latest news: team doesn’t win, Alexis Vega is upset, Vucetich close to being fired and more

The Guadalajara Sports Club continues with the alarms lit in this start of Apertura 2021: in six days they have only been able to win on one occasion and have three draws and two defeats, for the sum of six units.

With this bad step by the team, it is imminent that the Mexican strategist Victor Manuel Vucetich He will be dismissed from his position and it is only a matter of hours before the rojiblanca board announces the news and subsequently welcomes a new technical director.

For this reason, we present you the most recent news this week before day 7 of the contest, where the Sacred Herd will face the Rays of Necaxa.

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Chivas drew with Rayados

Not even with one more player on the pitch during the second half, the rojiblanco team was able to achieve a positive result in their visit to the Sultana del Norte and could only get one point after drawing zero goals.

Alexis Vega laments

The striker left with the thorn after not having been able to win in Monterrey with everything and numerical advantage in the field, in addition, the team has not worked even with the reincorporation of the elements that attended Tokyo 2020.

It was a difficult match, unfortunately we leave with a bad taste in our mouths. We had to take advantage of the numerical superiority. They threw themselves well back, now it’s time to think about the next game. The tournament still has a long way to goAlexis Vega.

“I think we needed to be more aggressive, to have more possession of the ball. Over there, in some lapses of the game we generated and in others we lost them, but it is part of football, the other team also plays and played their game ”, he added.

Vucetich on the tightrope

Vucetich could stop being Chivas coach in the next few days | Jam Media / Getty Images

Vucetich could stop being Chivas coach in the next few days | Jam Media / Getty Images

The rojiblanco technical director comes from four commitments without achieving victory, he has not won since date 2 against Puebla and so far this tournament he has only managed to add six units and is in the last places of the general table.

According to information revealed in the column Sancadilla From the newspaper Reform, the coach could be removed from his position due to poor results and the board of the Guadalajara club would already be seriously contemplating his replacement.

Options for the bench

Antonio Mohamed would be one of the options | Jam Media / Getty Images

Antonio Mohamed would be one of the options | Jam Media / Getty Images

According Sancadilla, one of the options that are handled is the possibility of Antonio ‘Turco’ Mohamed, who knows Mexican soccer perfectly and currently has no club, and in the same way the historical Matías Almeyda would be considered, but is hampered by his current job at the San Jose Earthquakes of Major League Soccer.

As if that were not enough, the only problem is not the availability of each trainer, but their salary, since it is estimated that each one charges more than two million dollars, an amount that represents something extremely expensive for the Herd today.

On the other hand, the coach of the Tri Olímpico who won bronze in Tokyo 2020 has also been named in the orbit, Jaime lozano.