Chivas first team footballer asked to leave the institution for the 2022 Opening

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A Flock player and youth squad will follow in the footsteps of Raúl Gudiño and leave the club that formed him in this transfer market.

© Jorge MorenoPlayer asked to leave Chivas

Chivas is undergoing restructuring, since the board is working to define the name of the new coach that the first team will have, in addition to the assembly of the squad for the Opening 2022 where it will be defined who could arrive and who can leave the rojiblanco team.

Regularly these decisions of soccer players who leave an institution are merely determinations of the high command of the club; Nevertheless, there are times when the same players ask to leave the club in search of new personal challenges or simply to add more minutes.

In Guadalajara there are many players who have been constantly pointed out by the rojiblanca fans, where one of the most judged is César Huerta, who would have asked to leave the fold in this transfer market: “who asked to leave because he could not have regularity, people messed with him hard and did not forgive him for the missed penalty in the last repechage”, as published in La Afición.

Poll What is your opinion of César Huerta’s step in Chivas?

What is your opinion of César Huerta’s step in Chivas?

Well. They haven’t given him many chances.

Regular. Sometimes he gave up and sometimes he didn’t

Evil. was not transcendent


The ‘Chino’ was one of the most outstanding elements of the red and white basic forces a few years ago; however, after he broke into the first team could not be decisive so it was transferred to Morelia and later to Mazatlánwhere he found regularity and his best version, but due to the high price that the board placed for his letter, which was around 10 million dollarsthe gunboats let him pass and he returned to the Flock at Guard1anes 2021.

When do the Chivas players return?

After two weeks of rest, they will return to their activities on June 1 and 2., when they will report to comply with routine medical examinations. Two days later, they will travel to Barra de Navidad, to carry out their first stage of preparation until June 10 and in that period they will play their first preseason match against Lagartos de Colima. After completing that first phase of the preseason outside the Perla Tapatia.

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Chivas first team footballer asked to leave the institution for the 2022 Opening