Chivas: Cut to the chase to go for Jaime Lozano

Guadalajara must cut their losses with Vucetich, who perhaps had to arrive 5-7 years ago, but now it was simply not his time

MÉXKCO – From the departure of Matías Almeyda in 2018, Chivas It has become a crusher of technical directors (Cardozo, Boy, Tena and Vucetich) who simply do not find the key to make this team work and appear in the foreground of Mexican soccer.

The last of them, Vucetich, historical of our football, has not been able to consolidate its project with a recognizable team that provides good results.

The 0-0 draw with Monterrey He confirmed the bad moment and, approaching the equator of the contest, six points of 18 disputed have already set off all the alarms in Verde Valle.

It is unacceptable that such a large institution did not realize in time that this project lacked certainties and had many doubts. In May, Pachuca exhibited them in repechage, they had all summer to plan and now with the potatoes burning, a new plan has to be improvised.

Not everything is Victor’s fault, players and management also have responsibility in the sad current rojiblanca. As usual, the thinnest thread to cut is the DT.

The possible arrival of Jaime lozano as the new captain of the ship. He has logic and sustenance because he knows how to work with Mexicans and he also directed: Jesus Angulo, Uriel antuna and Alexis Vega At the olympic games.

In addition to meeting them, he managed to enhance their virtues in Tokyo, something that does not happen when they put on the shirt of the Guadalajara. Its performance is diametrically opposite.

The problem is also that if you arrive you will not have: Córdova, Romo, Ochoa, Rodríguez and Lainez. Recovering better versions of: Briseño, Molina, Calderón, Sánchez and Brizuela, a difficult but not impossible task.

With the bronze achieved, Lozano stepped forward as a strategist. Tactically and in his reading of matches he has progressed, comparing his first stage on the bench with Queretaro a few years ago.

Chivas needs a new shake. Vucetich and the players do not speak the same language, the short circuit in communication is evident and if they do not want to stay for the second tournament in a row without Liguilla, they will have to make decisions in the next days or hours.

Amaury vergarto as owner and Ricardo Peláez As a sports director, you must also take responsibility. This team was not strengthened at all and even weakened with the departure of its scorer to Getafe Jose Juan Macías.

On the one hand, Lozanor he is free after not continuing in selections with an age limit and, on the other hand, the Herd requires a new shepherd. A guy hungry for success and a club in need of new blood, “hunger and the desire to eat came together.”

Guadalajara must cut their losses with Vucetich, who perhaps had to arrive 5-7 years ago, but now was simply not his time. Cut to the chase for both sides, they are not going anywhere and now, go for Lozano … for Jaime lozano.