Chivas’ combinations for the final phase of the 2021 Apertura Tournament

These are the options that Chivas has to sneak into a playoff or direct qualification to Liguilla.

In the absence of two dates for the end of the Opening Tournament 2021, Chivas He can have a dreamy finish and with a combination of results, he could be inside the top four of the general table, or with two losses coupled with victories for the bottom of the standings, he could be left out of the playoffs this season.

Against this background, in ESPN Digital we present you the combinations of Chivas facing the final phase of the 2021 Opening Tournament.

Two victories, they ensure playoffs

To get two victories, Guadalajara would reach 25 points, of which they would place him directly in the playoff phase in the MX League, to impose on Tigers and Mazatlan, direct rivals in the fight for the first places of the general table.

Draw and victory, they ensure playoffs

Given the different combinations of results, a draw and a victory would ensure a place in the first 12 places of the general table, after before ChivasTeams like: Santos, Atlético de San Luis, Necaxa and Pumas have 17 units, so despite winning their two remaining games, they could not take Guadalajara out of the top 12 places.

Direct pass to Liguilla

So that Guadalajara get the direct pass to Liguilla within the first four places, you need a very wide series of results, after they would have to give ten defeats in total hoping that Mazatlan, Monterrey, Blue Cross, Lion and Tigers lose their two remaining duels in the current championship, thus ensuring their first direct pass to the final phase in the era of Ricardo Peláez.

He would not depend on himself with two draws

If Guadalajara close the current championship with only two draws, the team led by Marcelo Michel Leaño would add a total of 21 units, of which it would depend on which teams like Saints, Athletic of San Luis, Necaxa and Cougars win just one game and lose another to continue fighting for a playoff spot.

Get eliminated from playoffs

In case you lose your two remaining matches, Guadalajara would be left without access to the playoffs, after having 19 units is only four points from the penultimate place in the general table, in addition to the fact that there are four teams with 17 units, which is why, if they fell to Tigres and Mazatlán , Chivas would be left out for the first time in the play-off stage in the era of Ricardo Peláez.


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Chivas’ combinations for the final phase of the 2021 Apertura Tournament