Chivas beat Getafe by a minimum in their start of the tour of Spain

Chivas secured a victory in their first game of the tour of Spain thanks to a goal from Fernando Beltrán.

In a cold game Chivas defeated by the minimum Getafeduring his first preseason game corresponding to the tour of Spain. The herd was measured against the former team of Jose Juan Maciason the field of the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez.

Vieljko Paunovic shipping as holders to Miguel Ponce in goal; Jesus Sanchez, Gilberto Sepulveda, Jesus Orozco Y Christian Calderon. in midfield Sergio Flores, Torres Y Fernando Beltran. While on the offense they were Isaac Brizuela, Carlos Cisneros Y Angel Zaldivar.

In the first 45 minutes of the match, both Chivas What Getafe they failed to carry out any dangerous action, so the score went to zero goals at half time.

After the break, Vieljko Paunovic He adjusted some pieces in his technical strategy. Alan Mozo, Alejandro Mayorga, Rubén González, and Santiago Ormeño. they had minutes of activity in the meeting. While Jesús Sánchez, Cristian Calderón, Isaac Brizuela, and Ángel Zaldívar. Y edward torresThey left the field of play.

at minute 65 Chivas took advantage. After the overflow on the left wing by Carlos Cisneros, Fernando Beltran entered between the centers of Getafeto shoot with his right leg towards the Spanish goal.

At 76, Paunovic gave minutes to Antonio Briseno Y Zahid Munozthe sacrificed of this change were Gilberto “Tiba” Sepulveda Y Fernando Beltran.

At minute 79, Chivas had the opportunity to increase the lead on the scoreboard. After an overflow of the newly entered Zahid Munoz, Carlos Cisneros tried to do damage through the center of the area, however the shot from “Charal” went past the left post of the goal of the Getafe.

Getafe He reacted and was close to scoring the tie. At minute 80, Miguel Jimenez he deflected the shot that Portu sent towards the Mexican nets, although it was only a scare for the rojiblancos.

The last change on the part of Paunovic was the entry of the sparring partner of the Mexican team in Qatar 2022: Sebastián Pérez Bouquet. The player who came out was Carlos Cisneros.

In added time, Portu tried to hurt El Rebaño again, however, the striker of the Getafe He didn’t get comfortable and sent the ball over Jiménez’s nets.

Chivas will play their second game of the preseason for Spainnext Sunday sharp at 12:00 hrs against the Athletic de Bilbao.

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Chivas beat Getafe by a minimum in their start of the tour of Spain