Chivas affected by arbitration, with a goal against and expulsion of Alexis Vega, according to Ramos Rizo

For ESPN’s arbitration specialist, Felipe Ramos Rizo, the whistler Fernando Hernández failed to approve Puebla’s tying goal and that caused the expulsion of Alexis Vega, due to claims

The play of the second goal of Puebla and the expulsion of Alexis Vega They were part of the criticism that Felipe Ramos Rizo made about the work of the whistler Fernando Hernández.

Puebla tied with a goal by Jordi Cortizo, after a supposed foul on Chicote Calderón, I consider the specialist of ESPN.

Then, Alexis Vega he had himself expelled for claiming the whistleblower, a situation that, in Felipe Ramos Rizo’s opinion, was misjudged by the central referee.

Felipe Ramos Rizo qualifies Fernando Hernández’s performance at the Chivas vs Puebla.

Through his Twitter account, the former World Cup referee severely criticized an infraction that the central referee did not sanction against Cristian Calderón, which led to the play that equalized the score and, later, led to the expulsion of Alexis Vega.

“What a party in Guadalajara by Fernando Hernández, a clear lack prior to Puebla’s second goal, which causes Vega to be expelled for insults,” he said on his Twitter account.

In the play of the goal that placed the 2 to 2 in the match, there was a double infraction favorable for the Guadalajaraone on the outskirts of the area and later, an infraction on Cristian Calderón.

After the infraction against Chicote Calderón, which led to Cortizo scoring, the players of the Guadalajara they went against the central referee in claims, after they considered that the infraction had to be sanctioned.

Among the claims Alexis Vega was one of the elements that in an important way shouted and demanded a response from the central referee, which is why Fernando Hernández expelled the scorer from the Guadalajara.

After the footballer’s expulsion from Chivasthe review of the play was requested through the VAR, however, after silently analyzing the play, the goal was ratified for the Guadalajara. Despite this, after scoring the goal to PueblaFernando Hernández attended the VAR to review the play, which is why Nicolás Larcamón exploded with the central referee and his assistants.

In the end, likewise, the analyst of ESPNpointed out that there was an infraction on Hiram Mier at the end of the match that had to be marked as a penalty.

“Clear penalty on Mier min 90 on Mier, neither Fernando Hernández nor the VAR noticed,” he concluded.

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Chivas affected by arbitration, with a goal against and expulsion of Alexis Vega, according to Ramos Rizo