Chivas’ 10 worst signings in recent tournaments

We present the 10 worst signings in the last Chivas tournaments, after the departure of Oribe Peralta, who barely scored a goal in 33 games

The output of Oribe Peralta de Chivas, after 33 games and a single goal, became one of the footballers who left the Guadalajara through the back door, so given his poor performance with the rojiblanco team, in ESPN Digital we remember which have been the ten worst signings in recent times.

Facing the Clausura 2016 Tournament, Chivas He took on the services of the midfielder in one of the most anticipated signings by the fans, in his first tournament he responded with seven annotations, however, for the Apertura 2016 the story was different, since his performance decreased due to extra-field problems, in addition to missing a key penalty in the league against America.

Carlos Peña lost activity in the team and finally left for León on loan and then Rangers from Scotland.

Looking ahead to the 2019 Apertura Tournament, the historic Mexican striker was signed by the Guadalajara as a solution in the attack of the rojiblanco team, however, with two goals in two and a half years at the institution, his high salary, key errors in important matches, in addition to his time with América, were the determining factors for the ‘Hermoso’ became one of the worst signings of the Sacred Herd in its history.

Walter Gael Sandoval

The Santos Laguna youth squad came to Chivas In the Clausura 2018, as one of the best Mexican promises, however the midfielder never managed to meet the expectations generated after his signing, after he never found regularity in the rojiblanco team, by not showing his quality and football. At the end of 38 games and four touchdowns, he left Guadalajara without fans missing his team performance.

Chivas He took on the services of the Pachuca youth squad at the request of strategist José Cardozo in the Clausura 2019 tournament, however, the player’s performance was cut off in the sports part after playing 46 games and only scoring two goals, in addition to registering four assists. His departure was marked by an extra-court problem that was decisive for his contract to be terminated, after he was accused of alleged sexual abuse.

Heading into the 2012 Apertura Tournament, the experienced midfielder was signed by Chivas as a reference for his team, however, his passage through the Guadalajara it was only one year, where he was active in 25 games and did not score a goal. In addition, he made key mistakes that ended up costing him his departure from the club, being considered one of the worst signings for the Rojiblanca fans.

Ángel Reyna became the most important signing of Chivas 2014, after the level shown in America and Veracruz, the Mexican striker reached the ranks of the Guadalajara As the highest paid footballer on the squad, however, his performance on the pitch was not as expected and indiscipline problems affected his relationship with his teammates. After three seasons he added a total of 27 games and only scored one goal.

Carlos Ochoa

Facing the Clausura 2009 tournament, the Mexican attacker was signed by Chivas after an extraordinary exhibition against Guadalajara himself a tournament before with Monterrey, which is why the experienced forward had a promising start in the Interliga prior to the Mexican championship, but already in Liga MX he only participated in one tournament, with only nine games , of which he registered a total of two annotations and did not continue in the institution.

Sergio perez

The Puebla youth squad came to Chivas as one of the elements most questioned by the fans, after considering that he was not a footballer for the rojiblanca institution. Given the multiple criticisms, time proved the fans right, because he played only 15 games at a very low level, so for the following semester he left the institution.

Tony alfaro

Facing the Clausura 2019 Tournament, Chivas He took on the services of the Mexican-American defender, who came from the Seattle Sounders of the MLS, a situation that excited the fans at the possible signing of a new version of Carlos Salcedo; However, the antecedent of the signing of a player from the United States was quickly forgotten, after only playing three games and did not provide his best performances, becoming one of the biggest disappointments in recent times for the fans.

Alexis Pena

Facing the Clausura 2020 Tournament, the central defender came included with the purchase of Cristian Calderón and Jesús Angulo to ChivasHowever, despite his costly transfer, he never saw minutes with the first team of the GuadalajaraTo such a degree he only had participation in the lower forces. In addition to the low level that caused him to have few opportunities in the first team, a problem of indiscipline ended up ending his process with Chivas, being one of the worst signings in the stage of Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez.


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Chivas’ 10 worst signings in recent tournaments