Chicharito continues to set trends in social networks

In addition, the victories of the Dodgers and Bucks were also highly commented, among other topics.

Today’s sporting activity had various events and characters that attracted attention, such as Javier Chicharito Hernández, who was left out of the Tri list for the Gold Cup; the triumph of the Dodgers and the victory of the Milwaukee Bucks within the activity of the NBA.

Below are some of the events of the day that monopolized the trends in social networks:


The exclusion of Javier Chicharito Hernández from the final list for the Gold Cup drew attention on Twitter, where there were various comments about it, several of them in favor of the Galaxy player and another against.

“If Chicharito has dignity, NEVER, NEVER should he return to a mediocre team where a handful of Mexicans get rich at the expense of bad players who wear green and white jerseys. NEVER BY DIGNITY”; “10 goals in a Liga b, you have gotten tired of demeriting MLS, so why would you have to be in the national team if you score goals against lower Liga MX teams?” Were some of the comments that stood out.

Matías Vuoso

Former America player, Matías Vuoso, was in the trends, after it was reported that at dawn on July 1 the crash of a car he owned was reported.

The same former soccer player reported that the car was stolen and that he is in good health.


The ninth Angelina took a 6-2 victory over the Washington Nationals in a game that highlighted the Grand Slam of Max Muncy to help her team take the victory.

The Dodgers extended their winning streak to six with this game, which was suspended in the top of the sixth inning due to a tornado watch and ended an hour and 17 minutes later.


The Milwaukee Bucks took a 3-2 lead in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals by defeating the Atlanta Hawks 123-112.

Brook Lopez stood out by scoring 33 points and this helped the quintet to obtain the triumph that allowed them to get within one game of the title to reach the NBA Finals for the first time since 1974.

Alexis Sanchez

The Chilean national team player became a trend on social networks as he would play this Friday’s game against Brazil in the Copa América, after overcoming muscle injuries.

Brazil will face the Andean team in one of the semifinals.

Tri Female

The defeat of the Mexican women’s team against their counterpart from the United States by 4-0, unleashed comments on the networks.

“And again the stupidity of Mónica Vergara to alienate Orejel and Espinosa, who already understands that they should not be in the national team”, “They criticized me for launching the name of Miriam García for the senior team, but I still think she is the best option above Orejel, Rodíguez and Sierra “.