Chicharito and Vela, in the All-Stars Skills Challenge between MLS and Liga MX

Before facing in the MLS Stars game 2021 against the figures of Liga MX, Javier chicharito Hernandez Y Carlos candle They will participate in the MLS All-Star Skills Challenge on August 24.

The All-Star pre-game event will last two hours and will feature a team of eight MLS players who will face eight of the best in the MX LEAGUE in five different challenges on the field of the Banc of California Stadium.

Mexicans Carlos Vela and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández pledged to join forces as two of the eight players that will make up the MLS roster. The rest of the MLS team as well as the LIGA MX team will be named at a later date.

Adding even more to the stellar power of the night, The F22, the world-renowned soccer skills duo of Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove, who have more than 30 million followers on their digital platforms, will once again be present at the showdown. to cheer on the fans in the stadium.

With honor involved, teams will compete for points in the following five challenges:

Shooting challenge
Players will shoot from a distance at targets and targets that will have different values, in the quest to accumulate points for their team.

Touch Challenge
In this tapping challenge, players will have to collect and control the balls as they approach the ground or are thrown hundreds of feet into the sky.

Cross and Volley Challenge
The creativity and skill of the player will be on display as they will have to team up with a teammate to score in style. The more style, the more points.

Pass Challenge
With a variety of targets spread across the field, players must place their passes with pinpoint precision to rack up points.

Crossbar Challenge
As the last chance for players to earn points for their teams, this skill will put footballers’ abilities to the test as the final seconds progress.