Chelsea is planted with the signing of Aubameyang

08/26/2022 at 11:39


The English club has made a single offer of 15 million plus Marcos Alonso

Barça asks for 20 million more variables, not including the full-back due to problems registering

Aubameyang continues with the future in the air. The Barça striker has already reached a full agreement with Chelsea for the next three seasons, but there is still no understanding between the two clubs and the negotiations remain stalled. The English club has only made a formal offer of 15 million euros plus Marcos Alonso, rejected by Barça. And it is that the Blaugrana club does not want to include the full-back in the operation due to registration problems and prioritizes cash at this end of the market. The Blaugrana club would accept 20 million more variables, but it seems that Chelsea, for now, is not up to the task.

The transfer of Aubameyang was streamlined at the beginning of the week and it seemed that everything was going to be finalized soon, but the difference in criteria between the two clubs makes the agreement unfeasible for now. Barça is determined that Marcos Alonso does not enter this transfer and will bid for the side in the last hours of the market as long as the numbers that allow him to register without any problems match. Signing him now is risking it given the difficulty that the Blaugrana entity has despite the fact that its price would be around five million euros, which is a real market bargain for an international.

Chelsea has not understood this position for now and the negotiations have been paralyzed waiting to be reactivated due to the total interest of Thomas Tuchel to have the scorer as soon as possible. It is probable that the two clubs end up agreeing to an intermediate agreement with a fixed figure that does not reach 20 million euros plus variables, but Barça is showing itself to be very firm in defending its interests. The fact that the transfer has not yet been formalized is making it difficult for Koundé to register, although the Blaugrana club are convinced that he will end up playing this weekend against Valladolid.

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Chelsea is planted with the signing of Aubameyang