Chelsea beat Arsenal with Lukaku as protagonist


08/22/2021 –

ANDl Chelsea he took the derby of London before him Arsenal (0-2) with an imperial performance by the ‘blues’, this time with Lukaku. The Belgian demonstrated why such a large outlay was made to bring him back with a great game: debut with a goal at fifteen minutes and destroyed behind an Arsenal that continues to sow doubts in this Premier start.

The precedents between both teams favored the set of Mikel Arteta, because I had only lost in 3 of the last 14 matches between both teams, but did not have the presence of the Last signing ‘blue’, which makes life easier for Thomas Tuchel’s men. The German no longer has to draw lines or circles on the blackboard, such a player has fallen on his feet in the club and everything he touches turns into a goal, as if he wanted to vindicate himself for his first time in the club. Chelsea, when he was still a teenager from Anderlecht, with dreadlocks and a look that warned of a scoring instinct not yet polished.

Well yes in the first fifteen games of his first stint at Chelsea he had not scored no goal, only it took him fifteen minutes to score his first goal and celebrate it with the club that bet on him. Nine years and 360 days later the name of Romelu lukaku was associated with Chelsea in the form of goals, a wait has never been so long, but well deserved. In a meeting where the Chelsea was the owner from start to finish, The Belgian was in charge of ‘having a snack’ at Pablo Mar and Holding, who could not stop the forward ‘blue’. He feels like a star and he is, he feels like a leader and he is, while Tuchel He smiles at the band and sees that his gear works perfectly.

Arsenal tried to take the pressure off and the nerves of above with a harness of Pep, the most insistent of the locals, but without the ability to harm the defense of Tuchel, no mistakes once again. Smith Rowe, Pep and Saka they were the three attackers of the Arsenal, with a lot of mobility and good ball handling, but they hardly disturbed Rdiger, Christensen and Azpilicueta. In fact, the Gunners only shot once in the first half.

Tierney’s gang, the weak zone of Arteta’s team

Arsenal’s right wing was a highway for Chelsea, all visiting attacks began and ended on the side of Tierney, left side of Arsenal, who looks very alone before the aluvin ‘blue’. So much so that shortly before the break, Reece James struck again at the Emirates Stadium with another goal.. It was starting to rain in London, but the black clouds seemed to only accompany the players of Arteta, before the gaze of degaard in the stands.


In the second half the rain put heavy the field of play and also the rhythm of the game. Chelsea wanted to lower the revolutions to the meeting and Arsenal wanted the opposite, dynamite the meeting based on arrivals and push.

Lukaku: arrived, saw and conquered

When the rain gave some lull, the carousel of changes began for the locals: Aubameyang and Tavares debut, but they had hardly any influence. The one who did not give truce was Lukaku or Chelsea, who followed their own. In fact, the Belgian would almost touch the double if it weren’t for a miraculous hand of Log a head butt from him. Romelu Lukaku took advantage of his stay in Italy and learned the saying of Julius Caesar of “I arrived, I saw, I won”; so did the forward ‘blue’: arrived, saw and conquered. If already he Chelsea set off as one of the strong candidates to win the Premier, now it is difficult to stop them. Lying down also from the right gravitated and ordered the game of his team. Everything revolves around him and facilitates the game of his companions.


I slept the game on Chelsea and nothing else passed near the Mendy. Second goalkeeper to zero of the team Thomas tuchel and a more than convincing game, in the vein of the previous season. The next day of the Premier face them before him Liverpool, in a duel between Virgil Van Dijk and Romelu Lukaku to be to see, save and review.