Chava Reyes’ family reveals rejection of Chivas

The fact that some articles by Salvador Reyes were removed from the Chivas museum caused annoyance in the family of the former Guadalajara team figure

In interview for ESPN Digital, Paloma Morales Reyes, granddaughter of Salvador Reyes, former soccer player and idol of Chivas, He expressed his annoyance towards the Guadalajara board of directors, after they removed some items from their grandfather at the team museum and recently made it known that they would no longer have cards to access the Sacred Herd games.

In the same way, he emphasized that some relatives are upset because only for some issues if the image of his grandfather is considered, since currently the promotion for the Tapatío Classic this weekend carried the silhouette and image of Salvador Reyes .

It does not give us courage, it is like sadness, and it started with the museum, that we realized that they took away the things that we had lent and donated to them, trophies, medals, shoes, shirts, etc … and my mom had to talk to go pick them up and at least have them ourselves. Here the point is that for some things if they need to exploit the image of my grandfather because the truth is the best known of the champion, “he said.

Subsequently, the niece of the Guadalajara figure revealed that the cards to enter the stadium for Chivas matches were relocated, and finally in this tournament through an email they were notified that they would no longer have access to the property with those cards.

“And after the cards, first they gave them to us and we were behind the local bank as with the families, and then they placed us next to the truncheon and this season they told us by mail that they had already withdrawn it, without any explanation. Only by an email from a chivas administrator did they say that we no longer had access to the stadium with those cards. “

My family is in shock as they never expected that, they know that it is not an obligation that they invite us, the museum things and the cards, but it is respect for my grandfather and for the family”, He assured.

In the end, he pointed out that the objective of the complaint is for Amaury Vergara to realize what is happening, after they seek an explanation regarding the issue of his grandfather’s articles and the stadium cards, since since the death of Jorge Vergara, have not been invited or considered in any team event.

The goal is for Amaury to realize it, because really maybe he didn’t even authorize that, we don’t know. We just want an explanation of both the museum and the cards. And the truth is that our entire family was Chivas and we are Chivas, and with Jorge Vergara may he rest in peace, he invited him to all Chivas de Omnilife events etc.… the truth was his idol and he always told him so. Since Jorge Vergara passed away, they have not invited us to anything ”, he concluded.