Central problem

EI Real Madrid He looks into the preseason without being clear who his centrals will be next season. In fact, the white club runs the risk of losing both starters this summer. Already gone Bouquets, who is close to signing with him PSG, Y Varane, claimed by the United, I could do it in the next few weeks. It all depends on whether two circumstances coincide: that the player, finally, decides to leave (this newspaper already said that he still doubts) and that the English team or another suitor reach an offer according to what the white board wants (70 million).

If the departure of the French is confirmed, Madrid would face next season with three fixed centrals: Nacho (your three-year renewal could be official next week), Militao and the newcomer Praise, although the latter will be a multipurpose for Ancelotti for his ability to play winger or midfielder. To them three must be added Jesus Vallejo, who is returning from loan, but does not yet have a secured position. The club does not rule out introducing him in an operation, although neither that it is part of the squad of the first team next year. He has a contract until 2025 and is still a good poster in Spanish and German football, where he showed his best level with him. Eintracht. What’s more, will not do preseason since it has been included in the list of Jorge de la Fuente for the Games Olympics. This is a handicap for him, who is committed to having a good tournament in Tokyo to get Ancelotti’s attention.

Solutions: signings or the quarry

This alley leaves Madrid with few loopholes. Currently, the economic situation, bad due to the impact of the coronavirus, prevents us from pursuing either of the two objectives that interest the White House: Kooundé (22 years old) and Pau Torres (24). The former is delighted with the idea of ​​playing in the Bernabeu, but Seville refers to its clause (80 million) and in the directive they are not for the task of reaching those amounts. Something similar happens with Pau, although in his case the price would be somewhat lower. Its clause is 65 million, but in the player’s environment they assume that, if a slightly lower offer comes in that appeals to all parties, the sale could go through. Of course, Madrid is not the only one interested: United He also follows it and, according to the English press yesterday, he would be willing to offer a Pau-Bailly barter (the latter, a former Villarreal player) in addition to a certain amount of money to convince the Groguet team.

Faced with the difficulty of signing another player, the other option available for Madrid is to pull from the quarry. Both the club and Carletto they want the boys of the Castile have a lot of presence this season and, in the case of the center of the defense, the Italian has three players in the portfolio. The first is Mario Gila (20), central that had all the ballots to leave this market and that, after the new coaching staff will analyze his videos, his departure has been stopped short. The second, already with experience in the first team, is Victor Chust (20). By last, Paul Ramon (20), one of the jewels of the quarry, but that, by age (he is a year less veteran than the other two), his place is in the second team.

Madrid will not run when making a decision, but once the preseason begins (next Monday), the movement will begin. Players who are unable to step forward will be left behind.

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