Casemiro, the first candidate to take Varane’s 5 and Bale looks for a number after losing the 11

1627505929 Casemiro the first candidate to take Varanes 5 and Bale

The Real Madrid squad they are not closed yet. After the last departure from Varane, there are 27 players that the white team has on the squad waiting to continue working on the ‘Exit operation’ to square the 25.

The numbers are not closed either.. In fact, there are some questions to be resolved. To begin with, all the returning players on loan are without numbers on the Real Madrid website (Vallejo, Ceballos, Odegaard, Bale, Jovic and Kubo) waiting for the market to close to assign them definitively.

No matter what time of season it is, Marcelo always has a good time

Only the 4 what Ramos left has fallen in the hands of Alaba, proud to wear this bib. Now with the goodbye of Varane another number is free with a great symbolic charge in the white club and that could give rise to a movement of numbers.

Varane has worn the 5th since Coentrao’s departure. The number was left free in the 15-16 season, to be taken the following season and abandon the 2.

Almost all the ballots to wear the 5 have them Casemiro. The midfielder, who must take another step forward this season with the march of Ramos and Varane, will play with a number that wore, among others, a midfielder like Fernando Redondo placeholder image and a hero of madridismo like Zidane. However, the Brazilian, who has earned an indisputable position in the team with the 14th on his back, is not the only candidate to wear that number.

Bale, ‘forced’ to brand new bib

The other big question that remains to be resolved is the number that Bale will stay. The gals, after his departure yielded to the Tottenham, left the ’11’ in the hands of Marco Asensio, that the normal thing is that it no longer changes it.

That leaves Bale with the obligation to new number in Real Madrid the next season without finally stays. Today the options go through the 16,18, 21 … or the 14 Yes finally Casemiro He opts for wearing the 5.

Even, Bale might be further reduced in his ability to choose if the Real Madrid respect the fact that Odegaard I took 21 last year and Jovic, the 18. Thus, the only option would be the 16 which I was released after the departure of James, the last one who wore it.