Casemiro returns at the best moment

Casemiro I breathed a sigh of relief to see that his ironed header against the Getafe went to the net. It was 1-0, one more bite to reach the League title and his first goal this season. Madrid had always had goalscoring support from its defensive midfielder in recent seasons. Last time, without going any further, on 14 he went up to seven goals, an important figure for a player whose head is more focused on defensive tasks than on presenting himself near the rival area.

Until last Saturday, Casemiro he had tried it in every way: 52 shots, 15 of them on goal and a stick. But the goal did not come and the threat of finishing without goals for the first time since 2013-14, when he was a player in the second unit, was present. Hence the sigh at the 1-0 celebration.

Casemiro: “As they say, ‘Until the end, let’s go Real'”

in the Champions, Casemiro He has seven goals: six with Madrid and one with Porto. The Brazilian has hit rival nets at least once in the last five seasons. Among those goals stands out the one he scored in the Cardiff final to break the 1-1 against Juventus and put the game on the road to 4-1 and the Decimoseconda.

But it is not the goal that measures Casemiro. His value in this Real Madrid is easily explained by putting aside his entry into the team to form the CMK and what has been achieved since Bentez come up with that formula. However, this season was showing the most transparent Casemiro in a long time. Many put the focus on 14 when analyzing the difficulties that Ancelotti’s Madrid went through in games. But in Stamford BridgeCasemiro raised his voice. His figure swelled as Chelsea rang the bell. The Brazilian got together with the center-backs and offered a lesson on defensive tactics of a game.

The ‘inside’ of Real Madrid: the endearing image of Casemiro with his childrenReal MadridTV

With The league very close, which will be only the third for a Casemiro who doubles his league titles in the Champions League right now, to win the Champions League appears on the horizon real Madrid more and more like a reality. Tonight he has in his hand access to the semifinals, which would be the ninth in the last 11 seasons. What the team achieved Ancelotti in this final stretch of their fetish competition may have a lot to do with the fact that the growth curve of Casemiro in the matches maintain the upward trend of the last matches. Regular at 14, which at the moment is low in Seville by sanction, it is vital. A good Casemiro it makes everything in defense easier for those of Ancelotti. And if this team lives safely in their rear…

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Casemiro returns at the best moment