Casemiro had the game on his feet

Colorn, Colorado, the tale of the Copa del Rey is over for the Madrid. And the point is that you see it coming. His football did not transmit illusion or optimism. It wasn’t better than Athletic. In fact, in a boxing match, Athletic would have won widely on points. He had more ambition. It’s not that he created more scoring opportunities either, that is to say, that he had more punch, but, yes, I put

or more passion and enthusiasm to your football. Madrid, for its part, limited itself to defending. That did well, it’s true. I would say that he played an Italian match, relying on his rear guard and hoping for a lucky counterattack that would give him victory.


did not appear Not much, anyway, though… And yet, in effect, he was able to win the match. It gave the impression that


was going to replace


, as he often does. She did not do it. And I hit.


He was one of the few players who could score a goal, one of the few who has vision of the goal and a good shot from outside the box. And in the 81st minute, one of those delicatessens that last over time and in memory was pulled out of the sleeve. Give the 0-1 to


of an exquisite heel. Y


I did not manage to score, only against the Basque goalkeeper. What an occasion! Of those that enter very few in the dozen. It was the goal that put Madrid in the semifinals. But, as often happens when those scoring chances are missed, few will remember that wonderful backheel tomorrow.


. Says very little to the credit of


that Ancelotti did not remember him at any time. Nor does this match say much, like so many previous matches, to the credit of


. Ancelotti at the start placed him on the wing and Asensio as center forward. That didn’t make any sense. It took me a while to correct this nonsense. Asensio much better. Rodrygo, on the other hand, nothing. It is clear that when he does not play


Madrid has to cling to the straw doctrine to score a goal.

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Casemiro had the game on his feet