Carlos “Gullit ‘Peña is sincere and talks about retirement from the fields

The 31-year-old Mexican midfielder plays for Antigua GFC and revealed that he would like to retire in the León team

GUATEMALA – Carlos ‘El Gullit’ Peña He arrived as a stellar reinforcement of Antigua GFC for the 2021 Apertura Tournament and has been one of the trusted men for the Mexican coach Roberto Montoya, since he came to wear the captain’s badge in the team that leads the general classification with 41 points and has already secured his ticket to the final phase to fight for the title.

With 599 minutes played in 9 appearances and two touchdowns, ‘Gullit’ completely overcame the injury that prevented him from being active during the start of the tournament and aims to be champion with Old GFC in his first experience with Guatemalan football.

I feel happy here in Antigua Guatemala. We have an excellent coaching staff, the team is very good and we are very happy. We are going first and what matters to me is the championship as it happened in León. Roberto Montoya is a great person, he is well studied and is doing things well, he knows Guatemalan football”Were Peña’s first impressions of the program The Emerald Lair.

Regarding Chapin football, ‘Gullit’ Peña manifested himself based on his experience. “First you have to be honest, it offers a job opportunity. Guatemalan soccer is growing a lot, there are many soccer players. On the fields you cannot play so fast because of the type of field, but having good fields, which are already investing in that, it can be a faster football ”.

Everything is just growing here. The Mexican coaches are giving the National League a bonus, the players who have come have also raised the level and the managers are realizing that they must invest more in the facilities, fields and transport because here it is to throw themselves up to six hours on the same day, there are fields that are not so suitable for playing soccer. The managers demand, but they are also realizing that they have to give us arms so that soccer in Guatemala continues to grow”Said ‘Gullit’ Peña about the National Football League.


At the age of 31, the Mexican midfielder has had an extensive tour of his country and abroad. He has worn the shirts of León, Chivas de Guadalajra, Cruz Azul, Necaxa, Rangers, CD FAS and now Old GFC.

However, when questioned about his retirement from the courts, he was honest with his statements. “I consider myself a sincere person. The moment I see that I no longer give in the sense of condition because generations come very well, at that moment I will play but in the shell to continue having fun. I play for fun, but I know I have to do it responsibly and you have to give in to the clubs where you are”.

“I have invested since I was 21 years old when a person approached me to take out insurance of all kinds. Thank God I know what it is to come from below and when I have 5 pesos, 3 are for something and the rest to indulge. They know that my dream is with Leon. But as I have commented, if here in Antigua GFC I no longer give more, I will retire with Antigua, but I would like it to go with León”, Concluded Peña.

In Antigua GFC, ‘Gullit’ Peña shares with his compatriots Omar Morales and Heriberto Olvera, plus coach Roberto Montoya.


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Carlos “Gullit ‘Peña is sincere and talks about retirement from the fields