Canada dresses in gold in the penalty shoot-out against Sweden

Canada dresses in gold in the penalty shoot out against Sweden

Canada claimed Olympic gold after a thrilling penalty shootout. Seger was able to give Sweden the gold medal, but Labbé avoided the winning goal and Grosso, in sudden death, got the final penalty even though Lindahl touched it. Before, there was a very close match with alternatives in the two goals and a lot of offensive football. Blackstenius advanced to the Europeans after an assist from Madridista Asllani, but in the second half the Americans came out with everything and Fleming, from a penalty that had to be reviewed by the VAR, put the tables. Sweden, in extra time, had several very clear chances to climb to the top of the podium, but finally it was resolved on penalties.

With their eleven finery, Canada and Sweden came out to try to impose their game. The first minutes were for the Swedes who with Rolfo, Jakobsson, Asllani and especially Blackstenius created a lot of danger. They commanded and dominated, while Canada sought Prince’s speed to unsettle the Europeans. With occasions in the two bands, after half an hour the goal came in an error. The ball was mishandled by Canada that had improved and gained control of the ball, always seeking to get it out from behind with great discretion. There Asllani appeared to steal, enter the area and cross Blackstenius who finished first with bad luck for the Americans that he touched a defender and misled Labbé. The goal fell like a jug of cold water to Canada that lost dominance and Sweden was able to sentence.

After the restart, Priestman moved the bench and it worked. Fresh air and more energy to annul Asllani, the one who had commanded the Swedish offensives, not let Jakobsson run and dry a Blackstenius who did not reach balls. The Canadians who wanted the tie had more chances and it came. On a ball that Sinclair controlled in the area and was knocked down. He asked for a penalty and the VAR notified the referee to review it on the screen. There were no doubts and he pointed to the fateful penalty spot. Fleming, as he did against the United States, did not fail and put the tie. Gerhandsson blew in fresh air, and the game was even again. But neither one nor the other managed to pierce the goal and the game went into extra time. In overtime it was Sweden that could take the game in the final stretch with several very dangerous plays. In fact, Buchana saved hers by taking a ball from low sticks before the final whistle. There would be penalties.

In the shootout, Sweden shot first and Asllani hit the crossbar. Fleming didn’t miss, neither did Bjorn. However, Lindahl hit Lawrence’s shot and Schough put the Swedes ahead. Giles, Anvergard and Leon failed, Seger had in his boots the gold for Sweden. However, the veteran player sent her shot wide and Rose tied the shootout. In sudden death, Labbé stopped Anderrsson’s shot and Grosso, despite Lindahl touching the ball, showered Canada gold. A historic medal for the Canadians in their first major tournament final.