Camavinga gives a ‘review’ to Odegaard


10/01/2021 –

Sand it was Odegaard and arrived Camavinga. The money left in the box by the Norwegian in his transfer to Arsenal he invested it Real Madrid in the signing of the French. A jewel that I polished without success for another to polish. A talent of 22 years who did not find his place in Valdebebas for another of 18 years with ‘hunger’ to succeed in white.

This is how they welcomed Camavinga: The smile of a small child

On 11 days Madrid passed from the disappointment that it generated Odegaard’s march (August 20), after the enormous expectations that had been created with his return, to the illusion for the arrival of Camavinga (August 31), one of the most desired young talents in Europe. A month later, The young Frenchman has made the Norwegian forget and Madrid is delighted with the change.

We all know of his physical ability and technical quality, but later in the field he has shown personality and character.


The great scene that Camavinga gave to madridismo before getting on the busEl Chiringuito TV

Ancelotti has been the first to show satisfaction with Camavinga’s fit and performance. “He really surprised me. We all know of his physical ability and technical quality, but later in the field he has shown personality and character, something I did not know. He trusts his abilities.”, said the Italian coach of his young player.

The statistics clearly tip the balance in favor of the new white player. Camavinga gives a review of Odegaard in just 17 days, those that have passed since his debut against Celta until the last game against the Sheriff. Less than three weeks in which Camavinga has played almost the same games as Odegaard in four months in white.

The French carries six games played out of the six played for Madrid since its introduction, for the nine games out of 27 Odegaard played from September 2020 to January 2021, when he was loaned out to Arsenal in his first comeback season. Camavinga takes already 252 minutes played, for the 367 ‘that Odegaard played. The norwegian was holder five times and the French has already been in two (Mallorca and Sheriff). In addition, in the last of them he played the full game, something that he did not get now. Arsenal midfielder.

Great prominence

The prominence of Camavinga has not stopped growing since he arrived at Real Madrid and Odegaard did not stop descending after the first month of competition. The Norwegian started playing, to end up disappearing from the plans of Zidane, which gave him five minutes in his two scam months at Real Madrid.

Camavinga not only is he playing more and will soon surpass the poor Odegaard baggage in Madrid, but is also having much more prominence. In six games he has scored a goal and has given an assist. Neither of the two things was achieved by the Norwegian before leaving Madrid with his score of zero in goals and assists.