Cali, Cup semi-finalist! Relive the victory suffered in the classic

Deportivo Cali is a semifinalist of the BetPlay Cup 2021! The sugar bowl won by the minimum with a goal from Teófilo Gutiérrez (3-2, aggregate) in the Valle del Cauca classic.

The game ends.

90′- Four minutes of addition.

87′- Match stopped. Guillermo de Amores is lying on the grass.

85′- The public stands up in Palmaseca and the chants begin. Deportivo Cali for now eliminates America from the Cup.

83′- Arrieta’s error in defense, Kevin Velasco wins on the end line, throws the ‘pass of death’ for Murillo, but Diego Novoa cuts just right.

77′- Incredible failure of Cristian Arrieta! Excellent center passed from the left, the side reaches the far post in total solitude and misses the header. They ended up charging him hand …

75′- Yellow card in America for Enmerson Batalla for a strong tackle against Marsiglia.

71′- Double substitution at Deportivo Cali. Rodríguez and Franco leave, Roger Murillo and José Caldera enter.
Substitution in America. Paz retires, Carlos Sierra enters.

67′- Great collective play on the edge of the area between Ramos and Batalla. The latter bites into the void, but De Amores manages to close in the last breath.

65′- America puts a Cali on the ropes that cannot find the way and appeals for now to the iron defense.

61′- Sugar miracle! Center passed from the left that Adrián Ramos controls and defines flush, but Marsiglia arrives just to intercept the shot.

59′- The game is stopped. Luis Vásquez is lying on the ground due to physical problems and is replaced by Carlos Robles.

56′- Guillermo de Amores first intervention to safeguard the sugar portico. Point-blank shot that evacuates the corner kick.

54′- Substitution at Deportivo Cali. Torres retires, Kevin Verlasco enters.

52′- Another magnificent intervention by Novoa! A distant volley shot by Jhon Vásquez and the former Equidad flies to avoid the second fall of his goal.

fifty’- Double substitution in America. Angulo and Gómez retire, Enmerson Batalla and Rodrigo Ureña enter.

48′- Yellow card at Deportivo Cali for Ángelo Rodríguez for an angry complaint to the judge, after a hard tackle on Vásquez.

47′- Quick counterattack commanded by Andrés Colorado from the middle, faces entering the area and Marlon Torres cuts cleanly.

The second half begins! Before the whistle, Téofilo Gutiérrez and Gustavo Torres were expelled due to problems in the tunnel.

The first part ends in Palmaseca! Deportivo Cali (3) 1-0 (2) America de Cali

Four. Five’- Two minutes of addition.

43′- Strong crossover and discussion between Elvis Mosquera and Teófilo Gutiérrez.

39′- Great individual play by Ángelo Rodríguez inside the scarlet area, he tries to finish with a right hand, but he is swept just to prevent the shot.

37′- Diego Novoa’s save! Quick contagolpe del Cali. Jhon Vásquez receives on the edge of the area and takes a powerful cross shot, but the goalkeeper from Bogotá reaches to touch it.

30′- Franco Nicolás Torres recovers in the rival area and being diagonal to the portico preferred to send the pass back instead of finishing and the rival defense rejects.

28′- Defensive error in the back of the sugar team that Mauricio Gómez takes advantage of to win the band and send a dangerous center, but Ramos does not reach it.

25′- Yellow card in Cali for Téofilo Gutiérrez for tripping against Larry Angulo at the start.

twenty’- Cali was saved! Excellent recovery by Elvis Mosquera in the rival field, a good pass to Déinner Quiñones who receives and draws a powerful left-footed shot that crashes on the crossbar.

18′- Excellent overflow of Luis Vásquez on the right, flush center and Marlon Torres miraculously clears in the small area.

16′- America had it! Déinner’s precise cross from the left, Segura headed off the penalty spot, but his shot went slightly off the goal.

13′- Very tough entry by Elvis Mosquera on Jhon Vásquez when he escaped to the right. The central judge does not take disciplinary action.

eleven’- New center to the Déinner area that the local defense clears.

9′- Dangerous mid-height center from Déinner Quiñones that defender Marsiglia evacuates with just enough.

Deportivo Cali (3) 1-0 (2) America

5′- Deportivo Cali goal! Teófilo Gutiérrez does not miss the payment and opens the account in Palmaseca. Dream home for homeowners.

3′ – Penalty for Deportivo Cali! Reckless hand of Jorge Segura inside the area. In an aerial ball, the center-back contested a ball with Colorado and the ball hit his hand. The judge does not hesitate to sanction and admonished him for claiming.

2′- Control of the ball of the local team on the middle of the field. The visit for now awaits.

The classic Valle del Cauca begins! Deportivo Cali vs América de Cali (2-2, aggregate)

Everything ready for the start of the classic for the Cup:

In the second match on Wednesday for the BetPlay Cup 2021, Deportivo Cali and América decide in Palmaseca the next rival of Atlético Nacional in the semifinals of the tournament. It is worth remembering that the aggregate is equal to two goals.