‘Cachis’ Rivera, the former American player who seeks to triumph in Europe through the Kosovo League

The Mexican footballer accepted the unexpected offer from FC Llapi, even though he did not know where Kosovo was

Francisco ‘Cachis’ Rivera debuted with America in January 2015. For two years, the midfielder looked for a place with the team that formed him and gave him the opportunity in the First Division. However, the young man from San Luis Potosí did not enter into Ignacio Ambriz’s plans and was not considered by Ricardo Antonio La Volpe, so he had to leave El Nido to seek luck in the MX Ascent. Soccer took him to teams like Alebrijes Oaxaca, Mineros, Zacatepec, Querétaro and Atlante, and a brief stint at Monagas in Venezuela. However, fate presented him with an offer from a club 10,822 kilometers away from Mexico, through the FC Llapi from Kosovo, the team he signed for last summer.

‘Cachis’ Rivera, as it is known in the silver category of Mexican soccer, shared with ESPN Digital how it was that he accepted the offer that came to him through his representative and of which he was first tempted to reject, since he did not really know in which continent it was Kosovo.

“Everything was through my representative, they contacted him and he told me. Hey how you see, there is an offer of Kosovo. He sent me the proposal, I read it and I said “Where is it? and then what language do they speak? At first I said no and then I said that it would be a good opportunity for my career and to continue growing ”, declared the footballer.

At 27 years old and living in the small town of Podujevo, he recognized that the league of Kosovo It has been an experience that has allowed him to grow in football, but even more so personally, all with the aim of seeking a return to Mexico.

“Yes, there were options, but this was my biggest challenge, taking a greater pace, learning new things here for when an opportunity arises again in Mexico be more prepared. It happened to me with Venezuela, I got to know a more physical soccer and then the Atlante opportunity came. My thought is to gain more experience, rhythm of the game, get to know another football and if another offer comes from Mexico to think about it, but while I’m learning a lot and I’m happy to be here “, he mentioned Rivera.

From a town of almost 90 thousand inhabitants, the young man recognized that in Mexico the players get to be in a comfort zone due to the conditions that are lived day to day.

“It serves you for life, I learn things far from soccer, because in Mexico we are good comparing it with other countries at the club level and everything, but that is why we are comfortable there, because Mexico is good at soccer, fields and teams, but at the level From experience, I have met friends from Guatemala, El Salvador, in different countries and I would invite the Mexican player that if they have the opportunity to play in another place, take it, because it will serve them a lot ”, added the ‘Cachis’.

The flyer mentioned that playing in Kosovo is to look for another alternative to seek to grow and reach another league in the future, since there are viewers who are looking for talent in the local league and even Turkish teams are aware of what happens in the Kosovo Super League.

“I enjoy a lot, I learn, because it is not easy to be away from your family, to face the challenge. The second round of the season remains, but between now and December I have to take advantage of it and then this is a springboard, because there are many reflectors in this part of Europe. Besiktas loved a colleague, but in the end he stayed with us. It is a good sideboard to follow, but if not, then in Mexico they find out that I am here and I am doing things well, “he concluded. ‘Cachis’ Rivera, who only played 14 games with him America, but the promotion added almost a hundred commitments.